Seoul’s French village ‘Seorae Village’


Today, although the colorful leaves are falling down because of rain, you can still feel autumn of Seoul in Seorae Village.

The name of Seorae Village came from the shape of small stream in front of the village. Also there is Cheong-Ryong Mountain behind the village. As Korean words, when you see the small stream water flowing under mountain, we can say it ‘Seori-seori flowing’. With this words, they called this village ‘Seoae’  at first and it became to the word ‘Seorae’.

Currently this village is famous as French village. From 1985, when the French school in Korea moved to this place, it became French village. More than half of the French in the country lives here.

(Extract from:


Above building in the photo is Seoul French School. It does not look like school and it looks like just office building.

You should not miss this Montmartre  Park if you go to Seorae village. You will see the signage of Montmartre park with Eiffel tower and the map of the park. I felt like I was in real Montmartre Park in Paris.



While you are taking a walk along this park, you will find the rabbit family easily.

몽마르뜨언덕 토끼2






I met one man and he told us that he has been taking care of these rabbits. He said the rabbits have babies and we can adopt these leverets. If you are interested in feeding rabbits, you should go and find this man.



You can see the small Eiffel tower in the park and the Nue-dari (Silk Bridge) which is connect to Seo-ri-ful park as well.






As you might know, France is famous of baguette. If you visit Paris Croissant in Searae village, you can try the delicious baguette anytime. I heard that a lot of French people go to this place to buy the baguettes in the morning.




Also you can see french style’s wine bars, restaurants, dessert shops and so on. I could not just pass this places because they seemed very delicious and nice.












I could also go into some French style shops in this area. If you would like to feel France in Seoul, or you are looking for French food, you should visit ‘Seorae village’. It will be interesting experience in Seoul.

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