Gangnam Citytour Bus Information

Before there were two different types of city-tour bus and it was operated separately but from 1st of April, you can use these two city-tour bus together with one ticket. You can transfer from panorama course to Gangnam city-tour from Gangnam st. and Sebitseom. You can buy ticket with discounted price 5,000 won for Gangnam city-tour until June 2016. If you get on the bus, there is audio guide service in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese and so on.


  • Gangnam City-tour bus ticket box 

Subway line 2 Exit 11, after 200m walking distance (In front of Lotte Cinema)


  • Departure Time

Around Gangnam City-tour: First bus 10:00 / Last bus 17:20 (1 hour 40 mins, 40 mins. intervals)

Around Gangnam night tour: 19:30~21:10 (20 mins. free time in Sebitseom)


  • Tickets

Around Gangnam City-tour, Around Gangnam night tour

-Adult: 12,000 – 6,000,   6 – 18 years old: 10,000 – 4,000

**Discounted price from  July. 2016**


  • Combination ticket: Gangnam + Panorama  (Transfer)

Gangnam tour + Panorama tour

-Adult: 27,000 – 18,000,   6 – 18 years old: 20,000 – 12,000

**Discounted price until Jun. 2016**


Gangnam Circle Course (Possible to transfer from Sebitseom)

시티투어버스2 (영문)

Panorama Course (Possible to transfer from Sebitseom)

시티투어버스4 (영문)



For Reservation: 02-3448-5519

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