Let’s join the ‘Global Seocho Culture Experience’ Program


Seocho-gu Office is planing to organize the ‘Global Seocho Culture Experience’ program for foreigners who haven’t experienced the real korean culture. In this program, they will guide you to Seocho main tour attractions and you can see, hear and experience the real Korean culture. Please register for this tour program, if you are interested in real Korean culture.

  • Program Summary

○ Program name :「Global Seocho Culture Experience

○ Participant: Foreigners who are interested in Korean traditional culture

– middle, high school students, university students, individuals, families, who are foreigners

○ the number of participant : Maximum 20 participants

○ Registration date : April. 25 ~ May. 16. 2016 (For 22days)

Date for tour : May. 27 2016 (Friday) / 11:00am ~ 17:30pm

○ Main Contents : Visiting Traditional Temple (Daeseongsa), Museum of Gugak, National

Gugak center and experience the special temple lunch and Korean traditional instruments.

※ Gugak is Korean traditional Music playing with various instruments such as Gayageum,

Geomungo, Janggu, Buk(Korean traditional drum) and so on. You can have a chance

of playing one of these instruments.


  • How to register: Visiting registration center or sending email

○ Registration center: each area Community Service Center, Seocho Tourist Information

Center, and Seocho-gu office ‘Culture, Sports & Tourism Division

yulim00@seocho.go.kr / graceh@oojoo.net

○ Documents to register: submitting program application form (attached)

※ You can visit Seocho-gu office website and download an application form or get it

from each area Community Service Center or Seocho tourist information center.


  • Standard of selection: Examination of all the applications and select only 20 participants considering basic information, reason for application, and willing to participate and so on


  • Date of participants announcement: : May. 20. 2016 (Calling to selected participants individually)


If you have any question, please call Seocho Tourist Information Center : 02) 3478-1261~5

Global Seocho Culture Experience‘ Program Application form

Name   Nationality  
Date of Birth  
Address   Mobile  

School name


SNS address




Special Note  

I submit an application form to participate ‘Global Seocho Culture Experience’.


Month. Day. 2016


Applicant:                                   (Signature)

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