Hot spot for couples ‘Yangjaecheon stream café street’

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* Yangjaecheon stream café street

The Yangjaecheon stream (15.6km long) is one of the tributaries of the Hangang River, originating from Cheonggyeosan and Gwanaksan mountains and flowing through the Gwacheon region to Gangnam. The small road and path that run from Dogok-dong to Daechi-dong along Yangjaecheon Stream is known as the ‘Yangjaecheon Stream Gil’.

Also there is Yangjaecheon stream café street runs along the north side of the stream, right next to the walking path.

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Yangjaecheon stream café street is a particularly popular date spot, since the trees backlit by the streetlights provide a wonderfully romantic atmosphere. It is packed with open-air cafes and wine bars.

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It also becomes famous as a filming location for many TV drama series.

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* Yangjaecheon Stream Trail

The Trail is the perfect place to take a drive since the road is lined with around 830 stately metasequoia trees.

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The ‘Yangjaecheon Stream Trail’ area is famous as well for its bike course that runs all the way from Gwacheon to Gangnam.

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 * Yangjae Citizen’s Forest ‘The culture-Art park’

The culture-Art park is located the east end of Yangjae Citizen’s Forest. It features an outdoor gallery where forests and sculptures are harmonized. Yangjae Citizens’ Forest was created in 1986 ahead of that year’s Asian Games and the 1988 Seoul Olympics. It features over 70 different species of tree including zelkova, maple and pine trees and has sports facilities for volleyball and tennis, a barefoot walking area, a memorial to Yun Bong-gil and a wedding hall. Above all, the forest is considered an excellent resource for conservation and education as well as being a popular picnic destination with Seoulites.

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Many people were having great time with their family or friends in this beautiful, refreshing and calming atmosphere. This is a perfect place to have a pleasant picnic with loved ones.

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The culture-Art park is like a gallery in nature. There are so many sculpture pieces and it shows a pleasant harmony in nature.

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In the forest, I feel as if I’m not in a city, but somewhere else. Everything is so green and fresh. Then I could feel as if I am embraced by the forest. I believe Yangjae Citizen’s Park really has a lot to offer to people of all interests and a visit is highly recommended.

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