Hot place in Seocho-gu: Gotomall and Central City

Hot place in Seocho-gu: Gotomall, Famille Station , Shinsegae Department Store and Central City

Buses from Express Bus Terminal go to every major bus station in the country. It is a huge terminal , which has convenient public transportation. It is very accessible as three different subway lines pass through it, line number 3,7 and 9.

It was called ‘Central City’ before, however it has become more popular ever since the multi shopping mall such as Gotomall and Shinsegae department store were equipped.

Let’s look around ‘Gotomall’ first!


This is a shopping mall in the basement of Express Bus Terminal. It is packed with cafes, restaurants and flower shops. You can buy clothes, shoes and body accessories here at good prices.


To go to ‘Gotomall’, you can get out through exit 8 of express bus terminal station.


You can easily find the entrance of Shinsegae Department Store from exit 8. It is Gangnam Shinsegae Department Store, one of the biggest department store in Korea.

The Shinsegae Department Store has a wide selection of cosmetic products showcased on the first floor, as well as a large variety of designer brands, jewelry stores, and accessories on the first and second floors.

Especially they provide concierge services  for foreigners and tax refund service.


On the other side, you can see remodeled central city shopping mall.  The Central City complex has now become a cultural paradise that features a wide variety of convenient facilities, including a wedding hall, a millennium hall for large-scale banquets and conventions, a food court, themed cafés, restaurants, banks and a hospital.


Many Japanese, chinese, Italian and fusion style of restaurants are along the hall.


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