“Seoul Arts Center”-a cultural center of Seocho-gu


Today’s place to introduce is Seoul Arts Center. It is easily accessible if you take a town bus Seocho 22 in front of exit 5 of Nambu Bus Terminal Station or Seocho 11 in front of exit 9 of Gangnam Station.

Seoul Arts Center is truly a complete cultural complex. It offers a wide variety of cultural events, performances, and exhibitions, ranging from music to dance to movies. The Music Hall and Calligraphy Hall opened in 1988 in time for the Seoul Olympics. Two years later, the Art Gallery and Arts Library came into service before the opening of the Seoul Opera House. The Seoul Arts Center is also home to the National Gugak Center.



Vitamin Station, located in the basement of the Fine Arts Plaza between Hangaram Art Museum & Hangaram Design Museum, is a space made for promoting the convenience of the audience.

There are Service Plaza to offer all about ticketing service, and Restaurant(Cafe Bellini) &Cafe(Cafe Bauhaus) for food and beverage. In near future, more various food and beverage facilities will be occupied.


V-Gallery which is a small exhibition space to introduce various genres’ works and various free exhibit are held for public.


Located between Hangaram Art Museum & Hangaram Design Museum, Shinsegae Square Outdoor Stage is to provide a variety of attractions for the SAC visitors.


Hangaram Art Museum, which is 3 stories high above the ground, has 9 galleries and showcases all genres of works.

By presenting creative and innovative exhibitions, it leads and developes a distinct stream of artworks in Korea. The exhibition of Anthony Browne was being presented at Hangaram Art Museum and it really drew my attention.

This is Anthony Browne’s large-scaled collective exhibition and will run until Sept. 25th, 2016. It will be a great chance to enjoy easy and entertaining exhibition.


Hangaram Design Museum shows innovative contemporary exhibitions in 3 galleries as the firstly founded design museum in Korea.


It was interesting to see unique food trucks that serves a variety of foods like buger, chicken and drinks. You can sit under a cafe umbrella with family or friends and enjoy diverse and delicious food while listening to some beautiful music or just grab a bite before the performance.


Nicknamed the ‘Big Hat’ (due to the shape of the upper part of the building which was designed to resemble a traditional Korean hat), the Opera House offers three different venues for performing arts, ranging from traditional European classics (grand operas and ballets) to the experimental and contemporary works.


The Opera Theater showcases big productions, with 2,300 seats. Towol Theater has medium-sized drama productions, with 700 seats. A third audience area can accommodate groups of 300-500 people.


Seoul calligraphies museum is now holding two exhibitions, Munhwa and Court Painting of the Joseon Dynasty and Korea scholar`s Four Seasons.


Music Hall consists of Concert Hall, IBK Chamber Hall and Recital Hall connected together by a foyer. You can enjoy various performances and music concert.


Korea National University of the Arts is located in Seoul Arts Center. It has served as home to prominent Korean artists inspiring their creativity.

Also there is National Gugak Center. You can watch many traditional performances and listen to traditional music. Please visit the website below if you need more information.


Seoul Arts Center: http://www.sac.or.kr/

National Gugak Center: http://www.gugak.go.kr/


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