Seocho-gu’s time-honored Buddhist shrine, Daeseongsa Temple


Seocho-gu office recently offered a great opportunity, ‘Global Seocho Culture Experience’ for foreigners to learn and experience Korean culture.

Daeseongsa Temple was the first stop. It is a relaxing and calming place where you can recharge your batteries. After walking around the temple, you can also see the performance at Seoul Arts Center located at the front of the temple.


When you walk inside, there is a temple office. Sugak(mineral spring) and Pohwadaesang are in front of the main building, Daeungjeon Hall.

It is a story about Daesungsa Temple. An Indian monk Marananta arrived in Baekje to firstly introduce Buddhism. However he fell ill with a disease while traveling because of different food and climate. He was recovered from the disease after he had drank water from the mineral spring in the temple and could stay well. After that, many people have visited and drank the water to be healed from their illness.


Above is the main building of the temple, Daeungjeon Hall. The Buddhist painting on the wall is ‘Simudo’ and each picture shows one story.

It looks luxurious inside and it has quiet and comfortable atmosphere at the same time. There is a place for people to pray.

A seated wooden statue of Buddha has been designated as tangible cultural properties.

It was originally made of wood in late Joseon dynasty and becomes the present form plated with gold as time passes.


Pohwadaesang is at the front of the main building.

As the story goes, anyone who makes a wish rubbing lower abdomen three time from right to left can carry out the wish.

Anyone who laughs like Pohwadaesang can get good fortune of good health, long life and wealth.


Here, a monk Marananta was healed from disease after he had drank water. Now it is available to all to drink like mineral spring.

Stone pagoda and stone Buddha are located at the front and back of the main hall.


You can see the whole view of Seoul.

On a fine day, you can even see N seoul tower in Namsan Mountain.

It is perfect place to enjoy the view and relax in the center of the city.


If you want, you can buy a roof tile (price: 10,000 won) from office and write your wishes on that.

Since 2017 is only two months away, it would be a great idea to make wishes on it to achieve or to make good memory when you visit.



  • Location : exit 5 of Nambu terminal station (Line number 3)

10 minutes walking through a back staircase of Seoul Arts Center

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