The sweet fragrance of flowers all year around – ‘Yangjae Flower Market’


I went to the Yangjae Flower Market a few days ago. It is getting cold outside but I could feel a warm spring here in the flower market. Yangjae flower market is the largest in Seoul area. All sorts of flowers can be found here including fresh cut flowers, potted flowers and artificial flowers. It is a popular destination for local residents as well as international visitors.


Take the Sin Bundang Line to Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Station (Exit 4).

Continue for 200 meters to reach the market on the right.


The area is separated into several major zones – wholesale stores, retail stores and an auction house. I firstly went to the two-story building.


At the wholesale market, you will find almost any type of plant, flower and tree. It was full of fresh cut flowers and there were many people with different interests buying flowers.

Dynamic atmosphere and fragrant flowers made me so happy!


Artificial flowers and floral materials are sold on the 2nd floor.

As Christmas nears, it was very interesting to see a wide variety of decor for Christmas.


You can also buy large pots, soil, seeds, and gardening tools at material store.


Underground Flower Shopping Center sells various kinds of bouquet, flower basket, wreath and even fish tank. It’s a paradise for fragrances and beautiful colors.


Then I entered in the greenhouse. It was warm inside since it keeps indoor temperatures at 19~20°C at all times because of growing plants.


You can see live potted plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, bonsai trees, cacti, and herbs here. And the prices here are lower than at retail shops in downtown Seoul.


It was a great fun to look around the shops with lots of character, plus fresh air and vibrant atmosphere~

I felt as I were in a botanical garden. So therapeutic!


It is a perfect place that one can enjoy seeing a wide variety of flowers in one place and take advantage of low prices at the same time.

Do give it a visit if you love flowers!


Wholesale Zone: Monday-Saturday 1 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Retail Zone: 6 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Potted Flower Zone: 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Note: Half of the stores in the retail zone and potted flower zones are open in shifts on Sundays.

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