A place where live knowledge and information is, National Library of Korea


National Library, founded in 1945, is a comprehensive and treasured repository of national literature from domestic publications to digital information that has been systematically organized for all citizens.


National Library is 10 minutes walk from Seocho Station (Exit 6) to Express Bus Terminal Station.


National Library is divided  into main building, digital library,  preservation center and training facilities.


There are lockers to deposit belongings and information center for ID registration.

To use materials maintained at the Library, you can sign up for membership on the website and get a library card.


Once you get one-day library card, you can leave your personal belongings in the locker room except valuables and writing materials.


When you pass of entrance gate, you can use materials.                                                               The main building has 6 floors.


It was well equipped with facilities such as rest-room, water purifier and sound isolation booths as well as photocopy room to copy data. It was very impressive to see various user friendly facilities


Accessible Room for the disabled, Information service and Main circultion are on the first floor.

On the second floor, there is Literature and information center for modern literature.


It was very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to use materials.

It was very well organized with space to read books and to look out the window.


Serial. Government publications. Newspapers for third floor and Humanities. Social. Natural Sciences for 4th floor.

There were many people looking up data or studying hard, and it was so quiet that not even a breath was heard.


On the 5th floor, you can find Maps & Geography, Donated personal collections and Information center on North Korea.

Especially Maps & Geography center, you can see various kinds of maps and geographical materials from different cities and all over the world.


Information center on North Korea is ran by Ministry of Unification so you need to register to access North Korea-related or Special materials, North Korean Newspaper, stamps and money etc. And it is not allowed to take photos inside.


6th floor is for Old & Rare Books. Old books and genealogy, original copies of old books and Chinese and Japanese old books are available to view.(Reservation necessary for some books.)

Various exhibitions being held every month offer different experience to visitors. The library currently has a exhibition “Dictionary of the Joseon Dynasty” until the end of January.


You can go into Digital Library Information Commons from the first basement level. It was a good experience to see several paintings exhibited in the aisle.


This place has all kinds of facilities for visitor such as Seminar Room, Laptop Zone, IPTV, Media Center, Studios(UCC/Video/Audio) etc.

There were many people using and searching for material at digital library.         Prior reservation is required for use of Digital Reading Hall,Media Center and Media Editorial Room.


You can enjoy the meal at the restaurant of the Librarian Training Institute located next to the main building. It is good place to have affordable and delicious food.


It will make good mood to have a cup of tea or coffee at a nice cafe in the library.


I hope you could soon visit here. It will be a great place to take some time off to get recharged batteries or refresh yourself.


Library Use

  • Opening Hours: 09:00-18:00
  • Closed: Every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month                                                           National holidays except for Sundays (but, closed on Sundays within                               New Year’s holidays and Korean Thanksgiving Day holidays)
  • Entrance: Anyone aged 16 and above who wants to use materials maintained at the Library for the purpose of information use, survey, research, etc. can enter the library. (Exceptions: Those authorized by the Chief Executive)                                                               (For foreigner – Passport or alien registration card needed)


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