Seocho-gu Event & Festival in March


Seoul Arts Center


52 Korean Leading Artist, 2017 (3.1~3.7)

3월 서초.jpg

A korean photographer, David Byun recorded the Korea’s young artists and they were reinterpreted in media art exhibition, ‘‘52 Korean Leading Artist’

He was born in Korea and raised in the Untied States. He has been photographing Korea’s young artists with a firm belief that they have great influence and potential in Korean culture.

Following his first exhibition in NewYork and  Seoul in 2016, ‘‘52 Korean Leading Artist’ 2017 will run from March 1 through March 7 at Seoul Arts Center.This special exhibition will be a great opportunity to enjoy a variety of contents.

  • Period: 03.01(Wed) – 2017.03.07(Tue)
  • Tme:11:00-20:00
  • Venue: Hangaram Art Museum Gallery 7 (Old V-Gallery)
  • Website:


A spring day’ Herald Phiharmonic Orchestra (3.9)

3월 서초1.jpg

Herald Phiharmonic Orchestra was established as part of the Herald Corp.’s effort to give back to society. It aims to expand the reach of orchestral music in Korea and spread the spirit of harmony through music.

It is directed and conducted by Kim Bong-mee and comprised of about 70 musicians who were educated at some of the finest music institutions in Korea and abroad. At its concert, the HPO will perform familiar orchestral pieces as well as opera arias featuring the country’s top singers and solo instrumentalists.


Valentina Lisitsa Piano Recital 2017 (3.12)

3월 서초2.jpg

Garnered a lot of attention such as overwhelming recital over three hours and signing event for her fans until late at night, Valentina Lisitsa Korea for her third recital following the first in 2013 and the second in 2015. Acclaimed as world-shaking pianist (The Times, London), Valentina Lisitsa has captivated audiences throughout the world including Korea.

With her multi-faceted playing described as “dazzling”, Lisitsa is at ease in ㅁ vast repertoire ranging from Bach anㅇ Mozart to Shostakovich and Bernstein. Also, she has ㅁ special affinity for the music of Rachmaninov and Beethoven and continues to add to her vast repertoire each season.

The recital begins with music from Baroque and Classical era by Bach, Haydn and Beethoven, followed by Romantic era works by Schumann and Chopin, works from late Romantic period such as Ravel’s Gaspard de la nuit Mussorgsky’s Pictures of Exhibition.

Yuhki Kuramoto Whiteday Concert (3.14)

3월 서초3.jpg

Japanese New Age pianist Yuhki Kuramoto will visit Korea next month for a White Day concert.The concert at the Seoul Arts Center will include collaboration performances with Korean violinist Kim Ji-yoon, cellist Lee Yoon-ha, and flutist Yoo Ji-hong.Kuramoto is well-known here in Korea as his songs have been featured in many Korean dramas, such as “Winter Sonata” and “Autumn in My Heart.”

  • Period: 2017.03.14(Tue)
  • Venue: Seoul Arts Center Concert Hall
  • Time: 20:00
  • Website:


National Gugak Center


Sandaeheui (3.29-3.31)

3월 서초4.jpg

  • Period: 2017.03.29(수)~2017.03.31(금)
  • Venue: National Gugak Center Yeakdang
  • Website:


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