“SAMSUNG d’light”-A journey in experiencing the fun and enriching future lifestyle!

Finding the new possibilities with Samsung Electronics, and a journey in experiencing the fun and enriching future lifestyle!

Samsung d’light is an exhibition space built to let you have fun with Samsung’s most innovative technologies.

It is connected to Line 2 Gangnam station exit 8 and the three-storied exhibition space allows visitors to experience new life patterns through state-of-the-art digital technology categorized by theme. It is comprised of the digital lounge & shop (B1F), the mobile plaza (1F), and global gallery (2F) that features hands-on activities.

The D’light Store is samsng’s flagship experience store where visitors can get a hands-on experience with samsung Electronics trendiest IT, mobile products, and accessories.

You can also enjoy VR 4D experience zone and Gallery ‘The Nanum’

Take the escalator up to the first floor.

You can get the D’ LIGHT Band form the staff at the information desk. It helps you enjoy various programs.


The hall has a very luxurious and refined atmosphere.

Also it was well designed with the flow for the visitors and guidance.

In emotion zone, you can find your inner unique emotion and draw a self-portrait.

Sense zone for finding your hidden senses! You can freely express yourself in the mirror display.

IMAGINATION zone, finding your future! You can imagine the future using the power of our emotions, senses, and intuition.

The exhibition hall on the second floor shows hot to make lives more convenient.

Experience space ‘Live’ for more convemient life.

You can experience the environment your future lifestyle from cooking and even when taking some time to rest.

You can make your own Live with D’LIGHT band.

‘Learn’ is for making learning more fun. Here, you can find varios technology that will help students become more motivated in their studies.

The space ‘shop’ offers various opportunities to experience future shopping environments.


Lastly, the space ‘Care’ makes you check your health easier, exercise efficiently, and closely manage chronic illnesses.


If you visit Gangnam station, please stop by Samsung D’light! It is full of fun.

Interpretation services are also available if you book in advance.

Also there are various programs such as IT creativity program. If you want to join, please visit the website.

– Information –

Hours: Monday ~Saturday (10:00~19:00)

Closed during National holiays, substitute holidays, Sunday,

and Labor Day (May 01)

Admission: Free of charge

Website: www.samsungdlight.com

Contact: 02-2255-2277 (dlight@samsungdlight.com)

How to get here: Samsung D’light, Samsung Electronics BD, 11, Seocho-Daero 74-Gil, Seocho-Gu,Seoul

Connected to Line 2 Gangnam Station exit 8

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