The best place for an outing! Sin Banpo Park & Montmartre Park


April is the best time to enjoy spring flowers..

Yeouido is well-known for cherry blossom festival, however it is mostly too crowed with people. In Seocho-gu, there is a place where you can enjoy spring flowers taking a leisurely walk in the park. Sin Banpo Park & Montmartre Park!

You can get to the park easily by bus or subway.

Take bus number 740 in front of Gangnam station exit 9 or subway line 9 in Sinnonhyeon station to express bus terminal.

When you get out through exit 5 of express bus terminal station, you can see Sin Banpo Park. Flowers were blooming everywhere~ I felt that spring is just around the corner


Many people were walking enjoying flowers or taking a rest on the bench.

It was so comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Golden bell and cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

Seeing those beautiful flowers made me feel so happy and warm~

You can see a bridge when you walk along Banpocheon stream from express bus terminal station.

Seorae Village is located in the opposite side.

It is home to about 560 French people, roughly 40% of the French community in South Korea.


The area has a large concentration of European-style restaurants and dessert cafes, as well as wineries and cafes stand along its main street.

Montmartre Park takes around 10 minutes on foot from Bangbae middle school.


The park was full of sweetly scented flowers, including cherry blossom, golden bell, magnolia etc.

It’s more like a walking course where you can stroll up and down the hill.

It is fit for a cozy picnic on a hill.


Also you can find cute rabbits on this park.

As the weather is getting warmer, you might see more rabbits running.

The famous french poems are placed throughout the park.

It is the best place to appreciate great poems and relax.

It was enjoyable time with a nice weather~also good to introduce Seocho-gu’s hot place !

If you are looking for a place to take a walk in quiet and peaceful atmosphere, Montmartre Park will be the best choice ~


Banpocheon stream – in front of exit 5 of express bus terminal station

(subway line 3,7,9 )

Montmartre Park – 10 minutes on foot from Seocho station exit 6

or 10 minutes on foot from Banbae middle school in Seorae village

+Seorae Village – take bus (Seocho 10) infront of exit 9 of Gangnam station, get off at Banpo Sports Complex (5 minutes on foot)

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