Sevitseom (The Three Glowing Islands that Brighten the Vista of the Han River)

 Summer is just around the corner!

We would like to introduce ‘BEST HOT SPOTS’ in Seocho.

         These month, Seocho’s ‘BEST HOT SPOT’ is


Sevitseom is located in Seocho.

                          You can spend beautiful summer days there, let me show you how.

  I recommend you to go there during late-afternoon.

The weather is cool, and you can enjoy the beauty of the Nature. 


영어버전 서초투어

          For more information, you should come to the

               ‘Seocho Tourist Information Center

that is located in the back of exit 9.

      If you have any questions, please visit our center!

We always greet the tourists with a bright smile,

and would be happy to help you.


From in front of Ganganam station Exit 9 walk to the bus stop.

교대역 표지판 영문버전

Go this way to get to the bus stop to go to Banpo-Seorae Some Island.

Please take the bus toward ‘Seoul National University Station’.


It will take about 3 minutes.

The bus stop’s name is ‘Gangnam Station, Gangnam crossroads’.


At the ‘Gangnam Station, Gangnam crossroads’ stops take bus no. 740, then after 7 stops (it will take about 40 minutes)

you will arrive at ‘Banpo Hangang Gongwon [Gongwon means ‘park’], Floating Island’ bus stop.

밤도깨비 야시장 영어판

밤도깨비 영어판 dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

This is a moonlight market that is literally held under the light of the moon.
With diverse light-based events, romantic jazz
and acoustic music performances, food trucks set
up near the Hangang River, and a wide selection
of handmade items, this market is a great way to
enjoy the romantic nighttime atmosphere of Seoul,
when the moonlight illuminates Dalbit Square and
the beautiful Moonlight Rainbow Foundation!

  If you go those site –,                                                                                                                                              you could see detailed things.


Across the street, you can see the beautiful scenery of Chavit Some.


 Sevitseom is a cultural complex built to be a

landmark on the Han River in the heart of downtown Seoul,

a place where you can enjoy special cultural contents at the water’s edge.

It is the world’s first floating structure with buildings

that float on water.

 It consists of three islands that embody these processes.

First, a seed – Solvit Some, 

Second, turning into a flower bud – Chavit Some 

Third, transforming flower bud into the blooming of flower – Gavit Some

가빛 채빛 새빛      Photo booths are located around the island.


   Chavit Some is like the sun rising in the east,

a glorious light that opens up vibrant day.



There are many beautiful photo locations  around Chavit Some 


Facilities of Chavit some 

1st floor – @ Chavit : Culture Complex

2nd floor – Chavit cuisine (Live Buffet Restaurant)

3rd floor – Chavit PDR (Premium Place)

                                                  Among them, The Crystal Zone                                               That is located in the Culture Complex.

I lose my heart to that place.

      ‘The Crystal Zone, a premium Gift Brand, that offers you personalized crystal products using 3D scanners and state-of-the art laser engravers to transform your photos into crystal sculptures. We also carry Swarovski crystals, and Crystal Temptations with a 45-year history in Hongkong.

Express your love and gratitude with everlasting crystal!


Let’s move to Solvit Some 🙂


Solvit Some,  reminds me of  Yellow Pumkin  by Yayoi Kusama,     one of the most influential modern artists.

Solvit Some is a multi-purpose cultural space situated over water, where you can enjoy cultural contents of various genres,  such as exhibitions, performances and events.


Gavit Some! 

 Gavit Some is filled with luxurious and elegant light!

   It shines beautiful and elegant like the sunset.


Facilities of Gavit Some

1st floor – Tubster, Golded Blue Marina, Goodwill store,

CNN Cafe, Restaurant Ola

2nd floor – FIC Wedding/Convention Hall,

3rd floor – Vista Retaurant

Also Tubster and Golden Blue Marina are very impressive

Golden Blue Marina



It is a new concept and premium water leisure attraction.

You can enjoy foods and beverages on the water, while motor boating. Talk to people you love and enjoy the magnificent views of nature.

The shape of those Tubster is circle, and it’s a fun place to visit.


If you want more informations, please visit the website below.

There are lots of nice places for the taking photo’s in Chavit Some!


Last is Yevit Some!


           It is a media art gallery, where you can enjoy a wide variety of visual arts.            The large LED screen and water stage will provide a range of different performances and events on the banks of the Han River.


                  You can see the water taxi, which has “I LOVE SEOUL” written on it.


The view from ‘Seorae Naru’ is so beautiful !

       It’s a great way to refresh your mind.


Visit and enjoy the time here with your special loved one.

Address: 683, Olympic-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Website: (Korean, English)

Contact: +82-2-1566-3433 Parking

Facilities : Available (Banpo Hangang Park)

Admission Fees: Free

2 thoughts on “Sevitseom (The Three Glowing Islands that Brighten the Vista of the Han River)

  1. Hi 🙂 Thanks for visiting our Seocho Tourist Information Center’s blog 🙂 Right. That Place is so beautiful. So many tourists have already visited that place. 🙂 When you have free time, you should go that place with family, friends. It’ll be a nice memory for you 🙂
    Before going there, please visit our center 🙂 Seocho Tourist Center is located behind Gangnam station exit 9, opposite Starbucks coffee shop.
    If you have any questions, please visit our center. We will welcome you with a bright smile. Thanks a lot 🙂


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