In August, Seocho-gu performance

Arts Center

The National Ballet Company


<Dance into the Music> is a gala performance with choreography of the national ballet companies, props and live performances. In <Dance into the Music> with live performances and commentary, you will meet the national ballet company’s main repertoire on one stage.

Period: August. 04(Fri). 2017 ~ August. 06(Sun). 2017

Time: Weekday 19:30 / Weekend 14:00

Site: CJ TOWAL theater

Contact information: 02-587-6181



The brilliant golden sound of brass players from the world-class, featuring brass!

Trumpeter Andrei Cavallinsky, the chief performer of the French national orchestra, who take pride a splendid international competition prize!

Hornist Kim ji-hwan! Has been active in soloists, ensembles and orchestras and has expanded his field of activity.

Trump Bonnest Jacques Moser is a sample of future trombonists! It leads to communication of music and audience.


Date: August. 13(Sun). 2017

Time: 17:00

Site: Concert hall

Contact information: 02-3487-0678

Georgia Piano Recital


George Lee made his first performance at the Staine Hall in Boston at his age of 10 in 2011, and he played at a dinner party with US President Obama, German Chancellor Merkel and their wives at the White House invitational,

Last July, George Lee received praise for his special program, which was composed by Beethoven and his list at the worldwide festival Verbier. The same program will be selected for this recital in Korea, and the Korean audience will be especially impressed.

Date: August. 23(Wed). 2017

Time: 20:00

Site: Concert hall

Contact information: 02-541-2512


National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts

Korean Traditional music concert Dodam: Kim Tae-yong – How to watch movies more fun

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The Korean Traditional music concert for the morning with tea and story!

Period: Last Wednesday of August. 2017

Time: 11:00

Site: Umyeondangl

Contact information: 02-580-3300


Kid’s Lecture Concert



– Hyeyum Children’s Arts Group – A duet of Haegeum with Gayageum

– <beautiful country>, Concert of a Korean traditional instruments

– Getting to know traditional instruments- Howl’s Moving Castle OST <Carousel of Life>- We are curious about our music.- Asking questions about Korean traditional music, getting gifts, communicating with tradition and getting to know Korean music-Korean traditional music, Arirang which learn from a singer.

Date: August. 17(Thur). 2017

Time: 16:00~17:00

Site: Punglyu Salangbang

Contact information: 010-5447-8257


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