[Seocho-gu Attractions] Maehun Yun Bong-Gil Memorial Hall and and the Yang-Jae Citizen’s forest.


The place where I went to visit is Maehun Yun Bong-Gil Memorial Hall.

Yun Bong-Gil Memorial Hall, which exhibits physician’s artifacts and independence movement materials, is free to visit and is less burdensome.

And this memorial hall is located in a park called Citizen’s Forest, so you can take a short stroll on the way to and from the Memorial Hall.When you enter the building, you will find a Yun Bong-Gil’s bust.

I saw a bust as soon as I entered it, even taking pictures made me feel solemn.

Before you enter the memorial, you will find brochures at the entrance detailing it, which will help you to view.

Also, there are many commemorative stamps beside them, so I tried to take some pictures with my favorite stamp.

If you go in time, you can also get free guide commentary service.

I did not hear it because I could not fit in the time zone. Next time, I will try to visit you in time!

If you do not have access to a commentary service, searching for and viewing information before your visit, it will help you see more effectively.



Let’s look into the life of Yun Bong-Gil!

Yun Bong-Gil was born in the evening of June 21, 1908, as the eldest son of Papyung Yoon Sang Hwang and Gyeongju Kim Myeongwon at 8 pm in Chungnam Province, Gyeonggi Province.

His real name is Wu Yi, pen name is a Maehun, and Bong Gil is a nickname.

On April 29, 1932, Professor Yun Bong-Gil, a national hero of the Korean nationality and independence spirit, threw a bomb at the head of the Japanese National Guard, who is on the top of the podium at the celebration of his birthday and victory in Shanghai.

Yun Bong-Gil, who spent his 25-year short of his time all over the country, died on December 19, 1932, in Japan.

– Content Source: Yun Bong-Gil Memorial Hall.


Let’s go into the memorial hall.

The first floor is a space of bust and memorial carving the upper half of the body of Yun Bong-Gil.

The memorial hall has three floors.

The first floor is divided by a permanent exhibition center, central hall, artifact exhibition room, and book exhibition of life time.

On the first floor, There is actual size of the documentary Meahun Yun Bong-Gil. You can take a photo in the photo zone where you can take a memorial picture with three-dimensional statue of the whole body.

And you can see the whole life time from birth to die for our country. You can also see the life time in the museum. The museum is decorated with a video room where you can enjoy various visual materials. It seems that you spent the longest time.


There is an office and a research center on the second floor, and a hall on the third floor.

Since Yun Bong-Gil’s memorial site is located in Yang-Jae Citizen’s Forest. I was able to take about 30-minute walk in Yang-Jae Citizen’s Forest after a visit to the memorial hall and once again had time to think about Yun Bong-Gil.

Especially, the inside of the forest was not hot and the air was good.

I leave from Gangnam Station at 12:00pm arrival at 3:00pm.

After watching the memorial for over an hour, it took about 30 minutes and 2 hours from Yang-Jae Citizen’s Forest.

If you have a lot of time, you can use the exercise equipment in the forest for light exercise. If you visit the nearby Yang-Jae Flower Center, you will have a better history and healing arts

★Recommended course By Seocho-Gu Tourist Information Center ★

Maehun Yun Bong-Gill Memorial Hall – Yang-Jae Citizen’s Forest Walk – Yang-Jae Flower Market


The location of Maehun Yun Bong-Gil Memorial Hall.

Subway – Sinbundang Line Yang-Jae Citizen’s forest station. Exit No.5 walking to 100m.

Bu s- Blue: 140,405,407,408,421,440,441,462,470,471

Green: 4432, 8441

Red: 1151,1551,3007,3100,3200,5001,5006,6501,






Opening Hours

The summer season (March ~ October) 10:00~18:00

The winter season (November ~February) 10:00~17:00

*Finishing entrance is 30 mimutes before closing.


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