September Seoul City Festival and Performance

Worldwide Sharing Hanmadang Festival 2017   The ‘2017 Global Village Sharing Hanmadang’ festival will be held at the Cheonggye Plaza in Seoul Square and at Mu-kyo street. Various events such as traditional performances of foreigners and friendship troupes, various cultural programs, a ‘World Food Exhibition’ that displays and sells traditional foods from over 60 countries, … More September Seoul City Festival and Performance

September Seocho-gu Culture performance

  Arts Center Misha Maiski Cello Recital Misha Maisky, one of the most important musicians of our time, is the only cellist who has worked with both the legendary cello masters Rostropovich and Piatigorsky. Misha Maiski, who has inherited the emotions of Piatigorsky and the power of Rostropovich, is one of the best virutuoso of … More September Seocho-gu Culture performance