September Seoul City Festival and Performance

Worldwide Sharing Hanmadang Festival 2017



The ‘2017 Global Village Sharing Hanmadang’ festival will be held at the Cheonggye Plaza in Seoul Square and at Mu-kyo street.

Various events such as traditional performances of foreigners and friendship troupes, various cultural programs, a ‘World Food Exhibition’ that displays and sells traditional foods from over 60 countries, and ‘World Tourism Promotion Exhibition’ Is full.

There are programs that citizens can participate in.

‘Global Recipe’ is a family unit where you can apply for an experience and cook popular foreign food.

You can enjoy the performances together in the Seoul Plaza during ‘World Costume Flash Mob’ time.


Period: September. 02. 2017 ~ September. 03. 2017

Location: 110, Seongjong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (Taepyeongro 1 Ga) (Seoul Plaza, Mukyo Road, Cheonggye Plaza)

Contact: Dasan Call Center 02-120




Asia’s largest broadcasting culture festival!The DMC Festival, which celebrates its third anniversary this year, is a Hallyu cultural festival prepared by MBC of Hallyu Cultural Creator. It will be decorated with various events every day including 10 various musical performances, street festivals and VR experience halls.

Event: [Special Program]

– September.16 (Sat) K-POP Super Concert
– September.17 (Sun) Seoul Cup Super Match (OGN e-Sports Tournament)
– September.18 (Mon) Radio DJ concert
– September.20 (Wed) Special lyric time King loser resurrection
– September.21 (Thu) MU: CON Opening Special Feature A.M.N. Big Concert
– September.22 (Fri) Let’s play in Sang-am!
– September.23 (Sat) Korean music wave
– September.24 (Sun) Hall of Fame Shin Jung-hyun

Period: September. 16. 2017 ~ September. 24. 2017

Location: Sungam-ro 267, Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul (MBC Sangam Cultural Plaza)


[Promising Festivals] Han-sung Baek-je Culture Festival 2017


Song-pa is a city of historical and cultural history as the capital of 500 years of the Han-Sung Baek-je period 2000 years ago.

Han-sung Baek-je Culture Festival, which was held in order to reproduce the majesty and glory of the time, and to increase the cultural pride of the people, inheriting the historical culture of the Han Seong Baekje era, where the old ancient culture flourished with strong national power.

It’s possible. We are preparing ourselves to be a global festival that can be enjoyed by people around the world.

We will give special experiences and unforgettable memories to visitors through various historical and cultural experiences.


Period: September. 21. 2017 ~ September. 24. 2017

Location: Olympic Road, Songpa-gu, Seoul 424 (Bang-Lee-dong) (Olympic Park area)

Contact: 02-2147-2800

Homepage: http: // www. Hansung Baekje Culture Festival .com

The Korea & Japan Festival 2017 in Seoul


The Korea-Japan Festival  is the largest cultural exchange event between Korea and Japan held annually in Korea and Japan, which began in 2005, the year of friendship between Korea and Japan. It is Korea’s largest cultural exchange event with hundreds of thousands of Koreans and Japanese.It has many meanings such as cultural exchanges between Korea and Japan, civic exchanges, youth exchanges, local government exchanges.Through this ‘festival’, we will be able to understand the difference of Korean-Japanese culture and respect each other more and hope to grow into a symbol of friendship between Korea and Japan.

Period: September. 24. 2017

Location: Yeongdong Daero 513, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Samsung-dong) (Hall 3F, COEX

Exhibition Hall)Contact: 02-702-7775Homepage:

Seoul World Fireworks Festival 2017


The 2017 Seoul World Fireworks Festival, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, is a representative event of the Hanwha Group, which was held for the first time in 2000 in order to strengthen the unity of the nation and to be a place of hope and joy, It is a social contribution program and the best festival in Korea.
This year, the United States, Italy and Korea will participate. In addition to the production of flame, various other events will take place.

Period: September. 30. 2017

Location: Yeouido-ro 330, Youngdeungpo-gu, Seoul (Yeouido-dong)

Website: (scheduled to open in September)

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