Seocho where art and culture breathe in the city center of Seoul! 2017 SEORIPUL Festival

2016 Seoriful Festival, where art createsthe festival, the festival createsgames, and gamescreate interactionsbetween people. 				Seoriful Festival is the representative urban Culture and Art Festival of Seocho-gu. The festival’s name is derived from the old name of the region, Seoriful, and was started in 2015 to integrate the cultural and artistic resources spread throughoutSeocho-gu into a festival. The 2016 Seoriful Festival is the festival’s second year. This year’ festival will has a program of 40 events taking place over nine days,from September 24 to October 2, around the art street Banpo-daero.

September 2017 !! The “SEORIPUL Festival” is held everywhere in the streets.

This year since it was first held in 2015 under the name of Seocho’s old designation “SEORIPUL” , The 3rd annual SEORIPUL festival! in this year

It will also come to “SEORIPUL” 2017 that will change the rhythm of daily life.

Finally, the September SEORIPUL Festival begins!

Let’s experience the special experience together with the SEORIPUL festival!



Let’s find out the schedule first.

SEORIPUL festival that is held for 9 days from 16th to 24th

The program is so well organized! I want to participate every day!

From September 16th to September 24th, we will be introducing the SEORIPUL Festival program!


ㆍ September 16 (Sat) – KBS national song pride

ㆍ September 17 (Sun) – Seoul Arts Center Night of Songs

ㆍ September 18 (Mon) – Yangjae Lovers’ street concert

ㆍ September 19 (Tue) – Tenor Im Woong-gyun and ‘Fall Concert’

ㆍ September 20 (Wed) – Seocho Goal Music Concert

ㆍ September 21 (Thu) – Autonomous Center Contest

ㆍ September 22 (Fri) – Seocho Cultural Street Festival & Seocho Art Festival

ㆍ September 23 (Sat) – Banpo Seorai Hanbul Music Festival

ㆍ September 24 (Sun) – Bang-bae Cafe Alley Parade



First of all, on September 16, the first day of the SEORIPUL Festival,

If you are a singer who is a hidden singer, please do not miss it!



2017 The highlight of the frost festival!

Bang-bae Cafe Alley parade.

The Bang-bae Cafe Alley Parade will take place on the last day of the 24th of the SEORIPUL Festival.

A dynamic rhythm marching in the alley of the Bang-bae Cafe!

Shake your body and mind Parade spreads out in the Bang-bae cafe alley.

Move move!

program03_photo01 (1)

On September 24th, on the day of the parade café alley parade, Traffic control is done, please note ^ ^

Bang-bae Cafe Alley Parade! I am also one of the most anticipated programs.


The 9-day SEORIPUL Festival! There are lots of different programs to choose.

We are all ready to enjoy ourselves! LET’S MOVE!!

I will meet at Seocho-gu SEORIPUL Festival in September ^^

Major Main Event Site



Way to come



2017 Seocho-gu SEORIPUL Festival

Period: September 16. 2017(Sat) – September 24. 2017(Sun)

Address: Banpo Road, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Location: Seocho-gu

Sponsors: Seocho-gu, Seocho Cultural Foundation Tel. 02-2155-8841

Fee: Free


Information Provider: [Photo] The Secretariat of the SEORIPUL Festival

Seoripul promotional Video:

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