Seoripul Festival for 9days



Hello! The Seoripul festival which is organized by Seoul Seocho-gu is going on from September 16 to 24.

The 2017 Seoripul festival was ready to be celebrated with many festivals for 9 days from September16 to 24 days!

Seocho Tourist Information Center staffs also participated in various festival  for 9 days.

I will try to summarize the Seoripul festival which is going on for 9 days!


September 16. National Singing Show


September 17. Night of the Arts Song


September 18. Yangjae Lovers’ street concert


1September 19. Tenor Lim Woong-gyun and “Fall Concert”


September 20 Seocho Goal Concert


September 21 Hope Love Sharing Concert


September 22 Seocho Fantasy – Seocho Cultural Street Festival and Seocho Art Festival


September 23, Bang Cho Seo-rae Hanbun Music Festival


September 24th Bang-bae Cafe Alley Parade

During this 9-days Seocho Alley Parade in Seocho-gu, I had a wonderful festival every day !!

There were so many diverse and beneficial programs, but yesterday I went to the Yong-hueri festival held on Saturday, September 23.


It is composed of various programs and I have been having fun with many dogs.

The program consisted of a performance hall, a participation yard, a learning yard, and a publicity yard.

In the participatory program, a good team was presented with a certificate and trophy.

There were also selling dog supplies and dog snacks at various sales booths.


The Seoripul festival will be finished on the way to tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the highlight of the Seoripul festival, Please do not miss this café alley festival!






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