Rediscovery of the stroll Seorae Village, Montmartre Park




Rediscovery of strolls Seorae Village, Montmarte Park Seocho-gu walking course, where the good winds and autumn atmosphere look like ~

I would like to introduce it to you.

Nowadays, it is so nice to take a leisurely stroll because it is in good weather ~


First of all, you will find an exotic cafe, a famous restaurant, and the French

Seorae Village. There are many restaurants and nice places in this area.

If you take a little out of Seorae Village, you can walk alone and take a good walk for a walk.

There are maple trees and parks, and healing is done, and feeling of body and heart is healthy.  Walking from Seocho Station ~ National Central Library ~ Seorae Village ~ Montmarte Park ~

I do not know how time goes, and I fall into a walk alone!


Recommended course

Seocho Station Exit 6 – National Library – Seorae Village – Montmartre Park – Seoriful Park

Montmartre and Seoriful parks are both a pleasant walk, so you can easily wear comfortable sneakers. I walk for about an hour and my throat is dry, so if I have a cool americano drink ~ ~ Prepare for a walk

Like Montmartre, it is a park that goes well with the village of Seorae.

It was called “Montmartre” because it pointed to the seahorse town where many French people live.

There is a French school in Seorae Village which is the area where French people live the most!


Every year, in the village of Seorae, French people living in the village, local residents, famous France  musicians and students of the French school, “Han, fire music festival” and various events are held ~ ^ ^

It was so nice to walk slowly along the gentle promenade, watching the fall foliage in the middle of the city. In particular, many trees start to foliage

It was feeling to be healing to eyes and heart ~

There are such good walking courses in Seocho-gu.

It is a rediscovery of walking in Seocho-gu ^^

I have to go a lot before the cold starts.

Take a stroll along Seocho-gu with a wonderful view of autumn leaves ^^

Walking in the city where you can enjoy yourself lightly!  I recommend Seocho-gu walking course!


몽마르뜨공원 지도

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