January 2018 Seoul Festivals and Events

Sky Park Sunrise Event 2018





<Sky Park Sunrise Event> will be held on January 1st every year at Sky Park. It is an event to pray for the wishes and well-being of the citizens by completing the year and celebrating the martial arts year in 2018.

Event contents: Sunrise appreciation North Korea, New Year words of blessing, New Year Writing a wish, Cultural performance (Lion dance play)


Date: January. 01. 2018

Location: Mapo-gu, Sky Park-road 95 (Sky Park Summit)

Contact: 02-3153-8354

Homepage: http://worldcuppark.seoul.go.kr





Achasan sunrise festival 2018




There is the first sunrise of the New Year! The first sunrise in Seoul without having to leave the East Coast. It is easy to get to the station and it is easy to get around and the mountain trail is well maintained so that anyone who is young and old can feel the first sunrise of New Year.


Date: January. 01. 2018

Location: Walkerhill Road 127, Gwangjin-Gu, Seoul, Korea

Contact: 02-450-7575

Homepage: http://www.gwangjin.go.kr





Seoul Festival of film advertising 2018





The “Seoul Video Advertising Festival” is a Korean video festival that has been held for 14 years since 2003 and is the first on-line and off-line video advertising system in the world. This is the largest video advertising festival in Korea that allows anyone who likes to advertise to participate. This advertisement is designed to allow Korean netizens and professional advertisers to directly review and evaluate online video ads.


Date: January. 04. 2018

Location: 110, Seongjong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul (Taepyeongro 1 Ga) (Seoul Multipurpose Hall, 8th Floor, Seoul City Hall)

Contact: 02-3447-0101

Homepage: http://www.tvcfaward.com




The 14th Seoul Asiteji Winter Festival





The 14th Seoul Asiteji Winter Festival will be held from January 17th (Wed.) to January 28th (Sunday) at the University of Arko Arts Theater, Children’s Theater, and E-eum Center. The ‘Seoul Asiteji Winter Festival is a family-run performance arts festival. It is a meaningful event where not only high-quality performances but also audiences can participate.
There are a variety of programs such as ‘play with mom’ and ‘play with dad’, which provide opportunities to strengthen the bond between parents and children.


Period: January. 17. 2018 ~ January. 28. 2018

Location: Dongsung-gu, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Dongsung-dong, Dream Art Center)

Contact: 02-745-5862 ~ 3

Website: http://assitejkorea.org/










The 4th Seoul Salon du Chocolat will be held at COEX, Seoul from January 18 to 21, 2018. Salon du Chocolat is the largest chocolate exhibition in the world and is held annually on four continents. Visitors can enjoy chocolate, desserts, bakery, coffee and beverages and gelato as well as see, hear and taste the imaginative products of famous chefs.


Period: January. 18. 2018 ~ January. 21. 2018

Location: 513 Youngdong Daero Road, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Coex, Samsung-dong)

Contact: 02-6000-6698

Homepage: http://www.salonduchocolat.kr

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