[ Recommended places to visit in Seocho] Art & Music Events & Concerts ‘Seoul Arts Center’


Voila! It is very grand in reality.




When we went there were various events going on, There is ample parking space so you do not have to worry about bringing your car.




In the Seoul Arts Center, you can experience various arts and culture (art, theater, performance music).




As you enter the entrance, the fountain is splashing out like a dragon that ascends to the sky.


Art Hall Miniature ~ The miniature is magnificent and the building is beautiful.



When we went there was an exhibition where we could appreciate the works of elementary school students


This picture shows elementary school students in fourth grade It’s called a cat.



Another student painted Steve Jobs, he painted very well.

He resurrected and came back to life.


I suddenly remember Steve Jobs saying


Only those who constantly take the risk of failure can live as an artist.

Bob Dylan and Picasso always took the risk of failure.



At the same time as the exhibition related to Gogh.

The gift shop was selling Vincent van Gogh’s good


I just bought a Van Gogh Almond wooden smartphone case.



The eco bag on a starry night, is it too pretty? It’s different from ordinary eco bags. It’s art!



Hollywood Legend Marlene Munroe Pop Art

Is this picture too pretty as her beauty?





Not only art, but various music events and concerts are also on the way. It is literally the Hall of the art !!


Perfect as a place for a date or as a healing place!


#서초가볼만한곳추천 #한국서울가볼만한곳추천 #강남역근처가볼만한곳추천

#서초예술의전당추천 #서울데이트장소추천예술의전당 #서울힐링장소추천예술의전당

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