February 2018 Seocho Festival, Events and Exhibitions


[Time] December – February: 11 am – 7 pm (entrance closed at 6 pm) March: 11 am – 8 pm (entrance closed at 7 pm) ※ Closed days 1/29 (Mon), 2/26 (Mon) ※ Normal operation for Christmas, lunar New Year holidays

[Exhibition Introduction] You can experience the warmth of the yellow sun and the warm sunshine of Van Gogh’s body, watch the rest of the Parisians that Renoir observes from the side, take a stroll along the pale Parisian city where time and space are at a standstill Have you ever imagined? If you can dip your feet in Klimt’s golden wave, and if the main characters in Matisse’s painting dance in front of my eyes to the jolly jazz rhythm, what would it look like? This is also a wonderful scene you will meet at the exhibition. Did Van Gogh, Renoir, Caruvot, Klimt, Matisse, and the five great masters met with some Muse and left such a beautiful piece? This exhibition added skill and imagination to the paintings in order to empathize with their special moments. I want you to feel the moment when the great artists meet the Muse in your life, your eyes, your head, your fingertips, your mind, right here. The moment of inspiration is not far away.


[Time] December – February: 11 am – 7 pm (entrance closed at 6 pm) March: 11 am – 8 pm (entrance closed at 7 pm) ※ Closed days 1/29 (Mon), 2/26 (Mon

[Exhibition Introduction] Marie Lorraine’s first domestic retrospective retrospect of Parisian women in fascinating colors Is a large-scale retrospective in which French women’s paintings of Parisian women are painted in fascinating colors, featuring Marie Lauren’s works for the first time in Korea, in collaboration with Gaudium Associates, KBS and the Arts Center. A total of 160 works including lithographs, watercolors, photographs, and books, including 70 oil paintings, will be exhibited. This exhibition will show the process of becoming an artist most loved by contemporary women in the age of love and betrayal, Along with the life of Marie Laura. Marie Laura’s work world, which has perfected her own style in a male-oriented flower bed and a distinctive style that fills her sensual colors and intuition, escapes from the shadow of the cubist and the beast, and asks her, “What is the true beauty of this era?” give. In addition, it will add the meaning of the first retrospective in Korea by illuminating the activities of Mari Laurie in various art genres such as fashion and illustration as well as literature.



As the 70th anniversary of the Korean opera, a variety of opera related events and performances are being promoted, the 10th Korea Opera Grand Prize Winner Concert will be held on February 20, 2018, the year of the opera.
Especially, this year, the 70th anniversary of the birth of the Korean opera, Korea’s first opera, La Traviata Gala, performed by the Chosun Opera Company, opens a variety of opera gala and aria festivals.
The organizing committee of the Korean opera organizing committee (Lee, Gyeong-hee) announced that he will hold the Golden Opera Gala concert with the 10th Korea Opera Grand Prize winner on February 20 at the Seoul Arts Center Concert Hall.
The concert will be held on December 6, 2010 at the Press Center. The award ceremony will be held at the 10th Korea Opera Awards. The concert will feature soprano Kim Ji Hyun and tenor Gang Shin Mo, The best feasts of the world’s top class opera singers, such as the award-winning soprano starter, and the tenor Kim Jung-gyu,
Especially, this time, it will be the first time for the Korean to debut as the leading role in the La Scala theater in Italy, and the world famous mezzo soprano Kim Hak-nam, Kim In-hwi, and Kim Kyung-ran will announce the opening of the new era.
This concert will include a commentary by critic Son Soo-yeon, the winner of the 8th Korea Opera Award for Best Artist Award, the concert of the Herald Philharmonic Orchestra, which won the 10th Korea Opera Award for Best Orchestra Award, and the award winner conductor Bong-mi Kim Progress.


Commanding Kim, Bong-Mi
Soprano Kim Ji Hyun, Yoo Yeon Kim, Kyoung Ran Kim, Yun Jung Mi, Soo Yul Kim, Yoon Hee Park, Hallym Park, Kim Hye Won, Yun Jeong In, Yoonji Ji,
Mezzo soprano Choi Seung-hyun, Kim Ha-nam
Tenor Gang Shin Mo, Kim Jung Kyu, Eom Yong Yong
Baritone O Yoo Seok, Seo Dong Hee, Kim In Hui, Choi Gangji
Social opera critic Son Soo-yeon

Herald Philharmonic Orchestra
Plot Park Hyun-jung, Yoo Young-ju



Alberto Giacometti Korea Special Exhibition


December – February: 11 am – 7 pm (entrance closed at 6:20 pm)
March – April: 11 am – 8 pm (entrance closed at 7:20 pm)
※ Closed day 2/26 (Mon) 3/26 (Mon)


[Exhibition Introduction]
It’s really worth seeing in a long time!
‘Alberto Giacometti Korea Special Exhibition’

The greatest sculptor of the 20th century, ‘Alberto Zacometti Korea Special Exhibition’, will be held for the first time in Korea.
It is the only statue of more than 100 billion won and meets the best masterpieces of Zakopane.
This exhibition is an exhibition that shows all of his artistic achievements during his prime (1960-1965) in Paris, France, from his childhood in Zacometti, Switzerland.
One of the most remarkable features of this exhibition is that the original sculpture of the plaster sculpture, which is the last work of the artist right before the death, and the symbolic work of the artist, “Walker”, will be presented for the first time in Asia.

The room of meditation will be set up as a single space of 20 pyeong where only the works of ‘Walker’ will be displayed. In this space, the idea of ​​Zacometry . In addition, ‘Rotarbang’, which is decorated with the last works of Jacomoti, will be a space where people can deeply sympathize with the artistic philosophy because the insight of the human and life that the artist realized through his life is dissolved.

Jacometti carved the “essence” in the form that it freed and emptied.
The art world of Jacomoti which completes the work with a unique perspective on the world and things.
The reconstruction of the workshop space of about 7 pyong, which he actually used, gives a glimpse into the working world of Jacomoti and his philosophy of life.
In addition to the sculptures including 15 pieces of original plaster sculptures, about 120 pieces are displayed along with other drawing materials such as person drawing, painting, prints, photographs and other archives.




February: 11 am – 7 pm (entrance closed at 6 pm)
March – April: 11 am – 8 pm (entrance closed at 7 pm)

[Exhibition Introduction]
The book is the foundation of all art. This is why it is difficult to tell the identity of literary arts in East Asia except for the book. In particular, kanji and pencil ink have more meaning than material and tools of writing. East Asia is no longer a country divided by Korea, China, and Japan. It is a community that is made up of ink paintings of Korea, China and Japan. This exhibition of 75 East Asian Stroke artists representing Korea, China, and Japan as a problem in the East Asian dimension is the exhibition of such infinite implications.


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