[Recommended place to visit in Seocho] Woomyun-Mountain

I went for a walk in the morning (Woomyunsan,Woomyun-Mountain)

image_3817064141508681818012From Seoul Subway Line 3 South Bus Station, go straight to exit 4-1 and 4-2 .You can meet Uomyeon mountain straight ahead.

image_7271908591508681818013 (1)

At the entrance of the mountain trail kindly, there is a guide map of the Seocho Woomyun-Mountain Route of Seoul theme walking path.


This is the dolle-gil .  I walked a lot and lost about 1kg.


I was exhausted from the walk and went to the waterfall.  Water from Woomyun-Mountain is very sweet.



I walked by and I barely conquered the summit.

The advantage of Woomyun-Mountain is that it is easy to climb all the seasons

In addition, there is a Mausoleum at the top of Woomyun-Mountain. The wish I made is a secret.


A sign on the way down. I can see the seoul arts hall that I visited last time. For reference, Woomyun-Mountain is located right next to the arts center I visited before.


[Woomyeon-Mountain, where I took pictures on the way down]

I traveled a lot and I did not know there was such a beautiful place in Seoul.

The mountain is short and flat and good to walk

The weather in March also improved.
We recommend you go for a walk in the Woomyun-Mountain!

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