[Recommended place to visit in Seocho] Seoripul food truck zone

Hello Everyone

Seocho Tourist Information Center recommends

# Where to go in Seocho # We introduce Seoripul food truck zone.







Gangnam Frost Food Truck Zone

It is located between Gangnam Station Exit 9 and Exit 10

It is right behind Seocho Tourist Information Center.






I like the weather recently

Photo of Seoripul food truck zone.



# Gangnam Station Subway Station Exit 9

Once you step on it,

This is where the smell drifts ~ This is Seoripul food truck zone




It’s a screen menu for the digital era.

I ordered steak taco.




(It was out of stock as soon as I ordered Beef Britto)




Look so delicious?

Next time I will try the chicken taco.


But this is not enough.

There are desserts on the other side.


One of them, a place to taste waffles

# It’s hotffle




Various waffles are ready ~

Please choose according to your personal taste ^^





You can taste sweet cotton candy from here

It is call “#Andy candy is cotton candy” ~




Cloud cotton candy, fruit cotton candy, glowing cotton candy, Briton cotton candy.

There are many types of cotton candy.


Very special cotton candy ★


There is only one place ,you can taste them.

Seoripul food truck zone



Next dessert recommended restaurant is # Seocho Kangsan story to eat Corndog

(glutinous rice corn dogs or hot curry glutinous rice corn dogs)




Glutinous rice hotdog

There are two flavors.


If you want to eat modestly, glutinous rice hot dogs

If you want to eat spicy, hot curry sticky rice hot dog


If you like cheese

You can choose the flavor that includes cheese.




I chose the  ‘Cheese Hot Curry Glutinous Hot Dog’.





When you want to taste Bunsick (chicken skewer, tteokbokki, fried sundae, sundae)

Oh tasty house





If you have only 3,000 won,

All menu ~ can be ordered.

^ ________ ^



People are crowded

# Behind Seocho Tourist Information Center.




With you friends




With you family ~




You can taste delicious food and talk with friends.

To make good memories come to Gangnam Station Exit 9,



If you need travel information,

Please visit Seocho Tourist Information Center anytime~

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