March 2018 Seocho Festival, Events and Exhibitions



2018 The 10th Artist’s Studio Exhibition
This exhibition is a free exhibition.

[Opening Hours] 11 am – 8 pm (entrance closed at 7 pm)

[Exhibition Introduction]

The artist studio is a course of the artistic academy for artists who dream of the artist’s debut. After one year’s course, they will have opportunity to exhibit the arts center through the artist selection screening. We introduce Jo In Sook and Lee Yoon Hee.


The 14th Seoul International Music Competition with LG (1st Preliminary)

Duration: 2018.03.20 Tuesday
Time: 13:00
Location: Recital Hall
Rating: Age 8 and over
Opening hours: 330 minutes
Genre: Symphony
Price: Economy Class 2,000 won
Host: Dong-A Ilbo, Seoul
Contact: 02-361-1415
Sponsorship / Sponsorship: LG, Korean Air


Paganini’s flame

Duration: 2018.03.20 Tuesday
Time: 20:00
Venue: Concert Hall
Rating: Age 8 and over
Opening time: 110 minutes
Genre: Classical
Price: R seat 90,000 won / S seat 60,000 won / A seat 40,000 won / B seat 20,000 won
Host: Millennium Symphony Orchestra
Contact: 02-6292-9370

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