March 2018 Seoul Festivals, Events and Exhibitions


Night Goblin Night Market

Night Goblin Night Market 2018 Event period: 2018.03.30 ~ 2018.10.28

Location: Yeoui-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 330 (Yeouido-dong)

Venue: Yeouido Han River Park, Banpo Hangang Park, DDP, Cheonggyecheon, Culture Storage Base Contact: 070-8230-8911


Host / Host: Seoul Metropolitan Government

Tel. 070-8230-8911 Introduction: Seoul Night is a night bazaar event organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. It will sell handmade products, run a food truck market, and perform cultural performances in the night market. Event contents – World food market – Handmade market – Cultural events [Opening hours] – 17:00 ~ 23:00


Jongno’s storyteller Gi-swoo Jun

Event period: 2018.03.28 ~ 2018.11.28

Location: Gangwon-do, Gangneung-gu, Seoul 5 Gage 2 (Buam-dong)

Event Place:(Buam-dong traditional cultural space)



Organizer / Jongro Gu Office / Tel. 02-2148-1856

Introduction of events Jongno is a fine arts and human journey that can reinterpret the way of Jongno with various and new perspectives by walking along the road of Jongno with authors of various fields.

Event contents
“Meet Jongno’s storyteller Gi-swoo Jun with a noun !! Jongno’s storyteller and Gi-swoo Jun’s travel program will be run twice on Friday, November 20 and Friday, December 4, 2010, which will be able to interpret ‘Jongno’s Way’ with various new perspectives.  Gi-swoo Jun refers to a person who reads a classical novel written in the late Joseon Dynasty periodically. It is a professional storyteller who regularly moves around Jongno (Jongno ~ Dongdaemun) It says. On November 20 (Fri), the first storyteller, ‘Draw a Time in Seoul’, will be followed by ‘Sketch Travel with Seoul Scenery and Seoul Sungkyunkwan’ with Illustrator Lee Jang Hee Illust. On December 4th (Fri), the second storyteller, Professor Choi Seok-ho, coauthor of ‘Modern Road of the Alleyway’, will take a walk in ‘Sejong village leaving for me and the Koreans’. In the middle of the event, the author’s lecture will be held under the theme of ‘Opening the era of Joseon Dynasty’ at Cheongwoon Literature Library, a literary specializing library located at the foot of Inwangsan Mountain.


Overcome Alzheimer’s Disease National Walking Event 2018

Notice: You can find the place of events on the homepage of the Central Dementia Center, the National Wide Area Dementia Center, and the Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Center.

Event period :2018.03.24 ~ 2018.05.19

Location: Seoul, Gwangjin-gu, North Gwangno 139
36 locations nationwide

Contact: 1666-0921


Organizer / Host Ministry of Health and Welfare, Central Dementia Center / National Wide Area Dementia Center and Center for Dementia and Alzheimer Care Tel. 1666-0921


Introduction of the Event Overcoming Alzheimer’s Disease The National Walking Event is a nationwide event that aims to overcome dementia by practicing “Walking” which is good for preventing dementia. Anyone who is interested in dementia can participate in this event. The event, which will be held 7 times this year, is organized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the local autonomous body, and the Central Dementia Center, and is organized by 17 regional centers for dementia and 121 centers for dementia. National Police Agency, National Health Insurance Corporation, Chosun Ilbo and SBS. Last year, about 20,500 people participated in the National Walking Event to Overcome Alzheimer ‘s Disease last year. Also, there were booths for business related to dementia, a demonstration of prevention of dementia, and screening tests for dementia using the “Dementia check app”. At this year’s event, a variety of information about dementia will be provided. It is also the first year that the Center for Alzheimer’s Disease is participating and will be held in 36 locations nationwide. Detailed schedule confirmation and application can be made at the Central Dementia Center, the Wide Area Dementia Center, and the Center for Dementia and Rehabilitation Center. Participation fee is free. For more information, please call 1666-0921

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