“The Global Seocho Culture Experiecne Program”

Seocho-gu Office is planning to organize the ‘Global Seocho Culture Experience’ program for foreigners who haven’t experienced the real korean culture. In this program, they will guide you to Seocho main tourist attractions and you can see, hear and experience the real Korean culture. Please register for this tour program, if you are interested in real Korean culture.


Program Summary

○ Name :「Global Seocho Culture Experience

○ Participant : Foreigners who are interested in Seocho Culture Tour

○ The number of participant : 10 ~ 20 participants per day

○ Tour date : April ~ December 2018 Every Friday

○ Tour time : Within 3 hours 30 minutes

○ Operating course : 2 courses in total.

-Course 1 [Korean Traditional Culture Experience Course]

Visit to Daeseongsa (Traditional Buddhist Temple) → Seoul Arts Center → The Museum of National Gugak Center and experience the Korea traditional music instruments.

Course 2 [Seoripul nature healing course]

Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Tour → AT Flower Market Center(Make a floral arrangement)

→ Flower Market Sightseeing

How to register : Submit an application form

○ Application form : Visit Seocho-gu Office’s website (www.seocho.go.kr / English) and

download application form from “Culture&Tourism / Tourism / Global Seocho Culture

Experience” site.   ○ Document Submission : Seocho Tourist Information Center (eoshin@tothepp.com) or

Culture & Arts Division of Seocho-gu office (201507147@seocho.go.kr)

Confirmation : Contacting each person (Need to discuss about date and time)

Questions : Seocho Tourist Information Center ( 02-3478-1261~3)

Seocho-gu office ‘Culture & Arts Division’ (☎ 02-2155-6220)


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