‘Express Bus terminal Station’ A wide variety of entertainment and dining place


Express Bus Terminal has been refreshed for new year.

Below photo is how you can get inside.

Walk towards the exit 3,4,5,6 of express bus terminal station.


Take the escalator up, Shinsegye Department Store is on the left side

and ENTER-6 Shopping Mall is on the right side.


There are various food outlets include coffee shops, korean and western restaurants in the mall.


Among restaurants, a small rice cake shop caught my eyes.

It’s called ‘”Dungsil Chapssaldduk”. It is Glutinous rice cake shop which started in Jecheon-si, Chungchungbuk-do in 1965 and it makes rice cakes with traditional method using high quality homegrown sticky rice and red beans.

In 2015, it was introduced by a television program and selected Korea’s top 10 restaurants.

Also, ENTER-6 Shopping Center has ‘Hangaram’ where is the stationery and ‘Edison’ where sells the luggage.


It is well equipped with various facilities such as sauna, jjimjilbang (Korean dry sauna), beauty salon etc.


It is easy to find the place as directions are clearly signposted.

고터 7

If you walk to the gallery, you can see the exit 9 for express bus terminal underground shopping mall. It is very popular place for both locals and tourists and there are a lot of shops for clothes, fashion accessories as well as interior pieces.

고터 8

Underground shopping mall has some flexibility of closing hours for visitor’s convenience.

고터 9

It was well marked for places around the station.

고터 10

Express Bus Terminal is accessible by three subway lines (#3, #7 and #9) and offers by a wide variety of stores and businesses (retail & wholesale distributors specializing in clothing, wedding planning, window furnishings, and flowers). And the Central City Terminal provides coach bus service from Seoul to cities across Korea. Bus ticket office is located outside the gate 3 from Shinsegye Department Store.

A new food court called “Famille Station” is also located Central City. (beside the express terminal) There are a bunch of food and snack options as well as various small pop shops. After it has renovated, it turned into a modern and an exotic atmosphere. Floor Map at the enterance also helps you to get your bearings.

There are wholesale shops for marriage supplies, flowers and Hanbok in the upper floors of the Kyungbu Line terminal.

It is one stop shopping mall where you can find everything you need from a wide variety of food to eye-catching shopping items.

Please come visit and enjoy ~ it is truly a heaven for all foodies with great fun !


Seoul Subway Lines 3 7 9 Express Bus Terminal Station

Operating Hours



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