[Recommended place to visit in Seocho] Sevit Some also known as Floating Island


Hello,How are you?

We are going to introduce you about Sevit Some known as Floating Island


Sevit Island is an artificial island that floats on top of the Han River where you can enjoy beautiful night view and romance.


It is also famous as the filming location of The Avengers..


When I try to enter the entrance by car, I see the phrase ” Welcome to Seocho. ” (There is also a parking lot, so if you bring a car, you don’t have to worry about it.)


You can also walk to the Sevit Some from the Express Bus Terminal Station, The exit of the Express Bus Terminal Station is ‘ 8-2 ‘. Banpo Han River Park is written in Chinese characters, so it will be easy to know.It comes to the ground from ” 8-2 ” and takes 10 to 15 minutes to walk straight.

Look at  happy couples who came to enjoy dating on Sevit Some.

How Lovely


Frame photo zone for couples


It became a night while I was enjoying the scenery everywhere.


There are many things to enjoy, not just the scenery. Cafe, tube stirrer, exhibition, etc.

Wedding Convinence is also available for romantic weddings on Sevit Some.

With its beautiful night view of Han River, there is a restaurant where you can eat a variety of Italian food, making it a great place to date with a sweet heart in romantic ways.2

There are spaces where you can park your bike


The lights come on in time for Banpo Bridge’s fountain show. It’s not solid, but it’s a wonderful thing when you change colors to match fountain shows, because it’s like a place from future.


If you want to see the fantastic fountain show with the lights on,

Check the time on the link below and go!

( http://www.somesevit.co.kr/kr/company/opening_hours.do )




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