April 2018 Seoul Festival and Events and Exhibition



39th Seoul Theater Festival

Event period 2018.04.28 ~ 2018.05.29

Location: Seoul, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea 8 Road 7 (Dongsung-dong) Venue Arko Arts Theater, Small Theater, Daehakno Art Theater, Small Theater, Art One Theater 3, Oriental Arts Theater 3, Uniplex 2

Contact 02-765-7500

Homepage http://www.stf.or.kr

Organizer / Host Seoul Theater Association / Seoul Theater Association Executive Committee Tel. 02-765-7500 It is a legendary theatrical festival that is able to understand trends of Seoul theater in one year and it is performed every April ~ May in Daehakno area. Event – Pre-Outdoor Performance – Seoul Creative Space Drama Festival

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  • Seoul International Improvisation Dance Festival
    The duration of the event is from 2018.4.24 to 2018.04.29
    Event location: Art theater, etc.
    For more information: call 02-3674-2210.
    InstallationManagement Performing Arts Project (IPAP) / Seoul International Improvisation Dance Festival Office Tel.02-3674-2210
    Introduction to the event
    Improvisation is the most genuine and honest gesture of artists. It creates a simple stage that is performed through this impromptu movement to host the Seoul International Improvisation Dance Festival. It was first tried in the form of a theater performance in 2000. Improvisation requires a difficult and extraordinary quick response to be used as a gateway to becoming a choreographer. Outside of the ready-made, standardized form of performance, all acts are simply done immediately. Particulators ‘ active participation and spontaneous ideas are seen throughout the participants ‘ bodies with colorful movements, performances, and gestures. In addition, it will be a seamless festival, expecting the actors and audiences to come up with the unexpected situations that will be created together. Visit . for more detailed event schedules and programs.

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      • Seoul dessert FairThe duration of the event is from 2018.04.21 to 2018.04.22
        Location: 3104 South Yangbuk-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
        Yanghak Shutter Exhibition Center (Exit 1 of Hakdeul Station)
        For more information: call 02-6010-8941.
        View Overview Details
        North Arm Comics / Company / North Arm Comics / 02-6010-8941
        On the 16th Seoul dessert fair [Cherry Blossom & Green Tea], the exhibition features a variety of art macaroon, icing cookies, and green tea cookies using cherry blossom design.It is a rich attraction as it is co-hosted with the Craft’s Hand Festival and the Pet Beverages Festival.Students of the bakery department gather together with baking small business people and dessert lovers to create a handmade fruit sculpture exhibition using a unique concept each time.
        Event content – Hall 1 : Craft sculpture exhibit [Seoul-June Festival]

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