April 2018 Seocho Festival, Events and Exhibitions


Kelly is my life
Period: 2014.04.14 (Sat) – 2018.04.21 (Sat)

Venue: Hangaram Art Museum 7th Exhibition Room

View Rating: Full View

Genre: Exhibition

Price: Free

Organizer: Rim Caligraphy Institute

Organizer: Korea Rim Calligraphy Institute

Contact: 010-5335-5662

Opening Hours] 11 am – 8 pm

[Exhibition Introduction] – The exhibition also says that all the emotions that you feel through various things that you experience while living in the world are often called “happiness”. Emotions are so diverse that it is hard to generalize, but when someone is feeling life once, or when they are worried in the mood of the feeling now, I think that someone’s same experience is a great sympathy and comfort. It is a field of expression art that contains various elements of design such as analogue flexibility, line, face, margin, balance, and contrast apart from the original meaning of information transmission means though it means letter. Another aspect of calligraphy, which is often used as a commercial part due to the emphasis on design elements, is that it can express deep human emotions. This exhibition, which is planned with the theme of “My life is my life,” has created a genuine copy of the emotions of happiness and sadness experienced in my life, and made research into the works of writing and expression suitable for writing. I think that the message that permeates the works will be a factor of the humanities that can empathize and heal to the audience who feel the same emotion. We want to present an exhibition that stimulates the visual imagination of Rims Caligraphy, which is experimental and creative, by studying expressive techniques of various materials, which are easy to understand by anyone. Our feelings are also ours I think that there is nothing that can express our emotions as well as our Hangul by being influenced by the space and time of the present age. “Callee is my life” Calligraphy, whose history is not so long, is a genre of art and I hope to live close to our lives. – Purpose of exhibition We want to spread the artistic value of calligraphy works that make use of the beauty and formality of Hangul, and hope that calligraphy will expand its perception as pure art. – Exhibition Contents Rim Calligraphy The exhibition features a new way of character imaging through various expressive materials. The exhibition, “Calligraphy My Life,” is designed to show the emotional impact of human basic emotions and emotions on life. I want to make a copy from the contents I have experienced in person, or to find a good writing that I was impressed by myself and to apply it to my life. It is a message that reflects the beauty of Hangul in the form of one letter or one of the letters in the message. This calligraphy has calm power. The audience of the elementary school students who visited the exhibition room every day, the words of the elders who say that Hangul is beautiful, the spectators who came back because they thought of going home … The moment when the audience’s mind moves through the calligraphy exhibition, Rim’s Calligraphy writer Lim Jung Soo has been showing calligraphy to a large number of people through a blog called `Story of Handwritten Story` for about 15 years, He is also the author of “Story” and “Calle Humanities”. In addition, about 60 artists from the Rim Caligraphy Institute will participate and will fully disseminate the professionalism of the current job. The composition consists of pure paneled works and traditional tableware works expressed only by the feel of ink and brush, works expressed as sculptures using calendula, acrylic, photo calligraphy composed of photographs and letters, works utilizing the softness of fabrics , And warm works using lighting. I think that the use of these materials will give the audience who appreciate the work the impression that they will discover newness through familiarity. Especially, meeting of calligraphy and calligraphy is different. Based on these various expressions, we have held 41 large and small exhibitions and are still trying to express the beauty of Hangul.


Choi Hye-ja Exhibition

Place Hangaram Art Museum 2nd exhibition hall
View ratings All Views
Genre Exhibition
Price Free
Host Choi Hyeja
Contact 02-580-130

[Opening Hours] 11:00 am to 8:00 pm (entrance closed at 7:00 pm) [Opening Ceremony] – April 14 (Sat) 5:00 pm [About the Artist] Choi Hyeja is a graduate of Osaka University of Arts, He has held many solo exhibitions including SALON dela SNBA in the Louvre in Paris, France in 2009. He has also served as a jury member of the Korea Art Exhibition and currently serves as a member of the Korean Art Association, I have been involved.

[Planning Intention] Cultural Exchange with Citizens of Seoul This exhibition is free of charge, and the cultural threshold of the citizens of Seoul is lowered through the exhibition.

[Purpose of Exhibition] 1. Overcoming the Limit of Domestic Efforts to overcome the limitations of art culture by presenting exhibitions of artists based on Seoul and performing national or world exhibitions. 2. Activation of Art Culture We will promote cultural improvement of citizen through exhibition. In addition, visitors can visit the museum free of charge to promote local culture.

[Exhibition Contents] This exhibition has exhibited about 60 works including 100. The theme of the work is the exhibition of anthropomorphic landscape or faith expression reproduced through reinterpretation of the artist’s inner sensibility, This exhibition is the eighth exhibition of this exhibition. Especially, this exhibition is an exhibition focusing on masterpieces.



Yong-gil Oh Exhibition

Term 2018.04.14(SAT) ~ 2018.04.21(SAT)
Place Hangaram Art Center
View ratings ALL
Genre Exhibition
Price Free

Yong-gil Oh










[Opening Hours] 11:00 am to 8:00 pm (Admission Deadline 7:00 pm) [Introduction of exhibition] ‘Suzukim Mountain Landscape with Chinese famous mountain’ Since the admiration of flower beds with the characters and animals, , The artist has mainly portrayed the scenery of watercolor paintings based on scenes of people living rather than traditional landscape paintings. Especially, the scenery of Su-mook, which is full of plum, mountain oil, cherry blossoms, etc., has been loved by many enthusiasts and artists with original expression of the artist. This time, I treated Chinese famous mountain with a more inky theme. The magnificent and magnificent scenery is made up of Huangshan, Wuyi Mountain, Taiheung Mountain, and Yantian Mountain. The magnificent and curious and completed mountains are decorated with materials and techniques of ink painting. It is expressed as a traditional and modern landscape of mountain scenery. In this solo show where more than 500 masterpieces are displayed at 6 points and more than 100 masterpieces are displayed at 20 times, you will be able to meet the works that make you feel grand, delicate and powerful. . In addition, this exhibition will be an opportunity to feel the beauty of ink painting that can not be encountered often. He started as a professor at Sejong University and finished 34 years of teaching at Ewha Womans University. He is now an honorary professor at Ewha Womans University and is the chairman of the subcommittee.

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