[Recommended place to visit in Seocho] International Electronic Center


I visited the International Electronic Center, the kingdom of electronic products.

When I went to the international electronics center, I saw that it was  like’ Yongsan Electric Center ‘ from the first to the ninth floor.” Computer and electronic parts stores were lined up

When I went to the ninth floor on the escalator, all I could say was ” jackpot. “

There were gaming products and Annie Goods stores at the entrance.


At the entrance, Godziila welcomed us.


Taekwon V Robot who protects Korea
(It’s made of a lot of alloy, not plastic.)


The bear is so cute.


Do you like onepiece?


If you go up to the ninth floor, there are a lot of game stores . An elementary school dude is immersed in the battle.


It was the day when Zelda’s legendary game came out, so people were in a queue.


We also have experience zones.

During my visit, I enjoyed playing games, watching figures, and enjoying the time away.

Please come to the International Electronic Center when you are free.제목 없음


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