The Report of Korean Traditional Culture and Art “National Gugak Center”



Why don’t you learn about Korean traditional music at the National Gugak Center?

Today we will introduce a place where you can learn and experience traditional Korean performances.

It is the National Gugak Center located in Seocho District.

The National Gugak Center provides court music, folk music, dances, and other traditional music to the public.

It is a national Gugak organization built to feel the impact.

Shall we learn more about National Gugak Center?

국립국악원 사진


The National Center for the Performing Arts is one of the most talented performers of Jeongak, Min-cheok, Danchuang, and Changgeuk.

They are the main performers.

You must be curious about the four art groups. Introducing the Four Arts Centers!~


Jeongak Group -They dominate the royal family, both the poetic and the fine arts.


Minsock Group-Efforts to promote the outstanding performance of folk music over the country.


Korean traiditional d ance company-Efforts to create our own dances and to spread the beauty


A creative orchestra-To accommodate the musical demands of our times, with a future oriented background

The 4 Art Corps are so cool! See you for yourself

Let’s take a closer look at each facility from now on.

The National Gugak Center has a wide range of Gugak museums, reservation halls, Woomdang, YeonhuI Art Theater, Gugak Center, chat room, and outdoor experience areas.

It’s very well equipped!


National Gugak Center Layout

국립국악원 배치도

Each facility is arranged like this.

The Gugak museum has the most things to see.

It is the only museum dedicated to Gugak in Korea to displaying a wide range of Gugak artifacts and instruments at a glance.


From the description of musical instruments to Gugak musical instruments, various relics and instruments are displayed.

Yeackdang—The villain, established in 1996 as a concert hall exclusively for Gugak, has a traditional Korean finish line and a large theater with 800 seats.

Woomdang—a small theater with about 230 seats that narrows the gap between the stage and the audience to convey the feel vividly.


YeonhuI Cinema – A space for communication to create the value of traditional entertainment and to promote performance

YeonhuI Madang, a 700-seat outdoor concert hall, and Yeongcheongbang, a small, sedentary theater with about 130 seats.

Yahoejeon Experience Hall — A place where you can experience musical instruments and folk games in person.


You’ll get a chance to experience traditional musical instruments that are hard to come across in ordinary times.

In addition, various performances and programs are held at National Gugak Center every month.

If you have foreign friends who visit Korea, it is the place you would like to introduce them.

If you visit Seocho District, make sure to visit the National Gugak Center.

You can also feel and learn about traditional Korean music at National Gugak Center.

Make sure you visit it.


오시는 길





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