[Recommended place to visit in Seocho]  Humming way road


I went to the humming way road

where is the secret place to take a walk and rest.




I’m so hesitant to blog up.

I wanted only to know this place and  keep it secret.

Because this place is the kind of the treasure box from childhood.

So I felt that my memory of childhood open to everybody.

But I’m the seocho happy virus.

I’m going to post this spot on this blog.




After parking the car,

children made fun of themselves

with the happiness in the playground at the entrance of Humming way road.


– The entrance of Humming way road –



Keep going through humming way road,

I see the beautiful stone-road

where you can see the secret garden in the fairy tale


Just look at this photo.

Don’t you want to take a walk ?




Seochogu forbid people from driving a car or a motorcycle.

So this place is really good for taking a walk and riding a bicycle.

They are not so many people.

So you can enjoy the calm feeling.





These days the weather is so nice.

How about riding a bicycle in the humming way road ?

Frankly this is the best place

where has a great scenery, a fresh atmosphere and an amazing weather.







There is the Banpocheon

where the stream water is flowing.


Are you sick of the Han-river ?

Are yo sick of the Namsan ?

No more doing the same way.

Why don’t you take a walk in the new healing road with the fresh air ?



I highly recommend this place.


The secret garden of seocho area.

Banpo humming way road



Get out of the exit 2 in Gubanpo station.

Cross the road and following the right side of the road.

Go straight about 2 minute.


There is Humming way road.




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