[Recommended place to visit in Seocho] How to enjoy riding the Seoul Bike Ttareungyi around Yangjae Citizens’ Forest station ?



I’m seocho tourist information center.


I introduce how to enjoy riding the Seoul Bike Ttareungyi

around Yangjae Citizens’ Forest station.


★ Yangjae Citizens’ Forest Course ★

[Yangjae Citizens’ Forest station]  → [Yangjaedong Flower Market]

→ [Yangjaecheon Park] → [Yangjaecheon Cafe Street]

→ [Yangjaecheon Stream Lovers’ Street]


Get out of the exit 1 from Yangjae Citizens’ Forest station

and then go behind the exit 1



Whoever, whenever, wherever

There is the Seoul Bike Ttareungyi

which u can use easily and conveniently.





< How to use the Seoul Bike Ttareungyi >






Check this web-site in English.



They let you know how to rent the Seoul Bike Ttareungyi,

where to borrow and so on.




Using the Seoul Bike Ttareungyi




I went to the Yangjaedong Flower Market

where is famous for the biggest wholesale market in korea.




You can see a variety of flowers

in the AT Flower Market.



From the colorful cactuses

To a wide spectrum of flowers




You can smell the scent of the flowers

and buy them.




Riding the Seoul Bike Ttareungyi,

I arrived at Yangjaecheon Park.




Look at the Yangjaecheon Guide Map.

You can ride a bike along the Yangjaecheon.



When you feel exhausted,

take a rest.



You can lock the bike.

So, you can feel safe.




Make a pause.

Feel the fresh air of  Yangjae Citizens’ Forest.






If you go to the Yangjaecheon Stream Lovers’ Street,




there are the romantic restaurants

and lovely cafes.




After having the tea time or lunch or dinner,

it’s time to finish your journey

along Yangjaecheon Stream Lovers’ Street.




Here is Yangjae Citizens’ Forest

where you can feel the nature even though you are in city.






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