Hidden dating place Yang Jae-cheon ‘ Lovers ‘ Streets


* Yangjaecheon ‘Sweet Heart ‘ Street ‘

A dating attraction recommended to you by the Seocho Tourist Information Center.


–  Yangjaecheon ‘Sweet Heart ‘ Street ‘

Yangjaecheon is a stream that runs through Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province and southern Seoul.

Of the 15.6 kilometers in length, Seocho-gu is about 3.7 kilometers long, of which 700 meters is the street of sweethearts between Yeongdong Bridge 1, Gangnam Road, and Yeongdong Bridge, Nonhyeong-ro

It used to be called the ” Wine Street ” because there were many bars of wine in the past, but now it is more famous as the ” Sweet Heart Street ” due to a large number of visitors and a variety of cafes.

Shall we take a look around from now on?


This is a bird’s-eye view of Yangjaecheon and lover’s street map!

Walk about 10 minutes at Yangjae Station Exit 8.

연인의 거리2

This is the street of sweethearts


If you walk down the street and go down the stairs, you will see Yangjaecheon.

This is a waterfront.


If you walk a little, you will see Kant’s trail.

It would be great to walk along the flower path with your sweetheart, right?


This is where it is.

Just listening to the sound of the waterfall makes me feel refreshed.

I don’t know if you can see well, but the duck on the hill is relaxing here enjoying the water flowing from the stone.

Now let’s go to Yangjaecheon Cafe Street.


Walking between the beautiful walking trails and the trees on the tree, it feels as if it is a beautiful little walk in Europe.


As you walk, you will see the Inomeda Innometsa Show Room. The house has a lot of cute and pretty interiors, so I enjoy the eyes just looking at them.


There’s a Manoplan furniture store.


There are many cafes and restaurants with good atmosphere.

Enjoy your date here by eating and drinking coffee.


Isn’t the night view better?


Wouldn’t it be great to take a walk in the evening with your lover after dinner?


So far, it has been recommended by the Seocho Tourist Information Center !!!

If you were excited about it, be sure to visit it.

You will definitely find it again ~

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