June 2018 Seoul Festival and Events and Exhibition



  • Period: 2018.06.08 ~ 2018.06.10
  • Location: 25, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • A place of events: Olympic Stadium
  • Contact: 1544-1681
  • Homepage: http://www.umfkorea.co.kr



  • Host / Weekly Seoul Grand Park Tel. 02-500-7335 / 7337
  •  If you love someone go to jangmiwon
  • Walk with your precious person in the early summer rose garden and make love more beautiful than roses.
  • Program – Rose Accessories Office (13-18 a.m. daily) : Make hair pins, brooches, etc. in a combination of roses and take funny photos (1,000 people on a first-come, free basis)
    – The rosy beauty class (11-18 p.m.) : bangs styling, nail art, point makeup etc. with professional stylists (complimentary)
    – Rose & Love Concert
    – Rose Garden Magic Show (Saturday, Saturday, 17-18) : A magic trip with Lee Sang-lim, a zookeeper at Seoul Zoo
    – The Rose Garden Photo Exhibition
    – Woodworking experience (5.27. / 6.2. / 6.3. / 6.10.) : Making wooden necklaces (500 first-served, free)
  • 67
  • The opening date

    31st May 2018 (neck) – 7th June, total 8 days


    Opening Ceremony – Culture Reserve Station (Seongsang-dong)
    Show-Off – Megabox Sinchon


    147 films from 36 countries, various international forums and events

    Catch Praise

    Let’s Look at the World with Women’s Eyes!


    Seoul International Women’s Film Festival

    Establishing the World’s Best and Largest International Women’s Film Festival

    • Leading the global film industry and establishing a network of female films
    • Find and produce women’s films worldwide in Asia
    • The spread of diversity films through women’s films
    • The expansion of Korean female directors into the world

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