Seoul Night Market @ Banpo Romantic Moonlight Market

반포 밤도깨비1

。A different door opens at night.

A New Culture of Seoul with Citizens.

Unique theme and fantastic night view,

They even have a startup incubation system.

The attraction of Seoul has maximized its charm

They created a new Seoul night market with goblins.—”Seoul Goblin Night Market”

At the Seocho Tourist Information Center today,

Banpo River Park Market Opens in 2017

We’d like to introduce it to you.

반포 밤도깨비 사진

Night view, fountain, space filled with lights and music

A romantic art night market where artists and writers join – @ Banpo Romantic Moonlight Market

반포 밤도깨비1

As soon as you enter the night market, you can see this place.
The General Safety Office and the Situation Room.

We have the Operations Headquarters and the Medical Support booth.

반포 밤도깨비2

At dark night,
It’s starting to get crowded.

Food Zone on the left.
To the right is Handmaid Zone and Romantic Art Zone.

반포 밤도깨비8

‐ Shirimp Fit


‐ Direct fire beef sushi








– Ice cream

As I look around the food zone,
A delicious smell that makes you stand up.
With pictures of tempting food
My mouth is watering.

And you can taste the world’s food.
The variety of food causes decision disorder. ~


– Direct grill roast beef

반포 밤도깨비14

– Cook steak No. 2 menu

소고기 초밥

– Fusion truck (beef sushi)

반포 밤도깨비15

— Cason whale (French home cooking)

반포 밤도깨비7

The Food Makers (Fried Rice)

After careful consideration,
I chose a steak, beef, sushi and fried rice.

The night view of Han River, the music of Event Zone, and delicious food are added.
I was so thrilled.

Here’s how I felt after eating.
The steak was delicious, too, and the beef noodle sushi was good and good.
Italian household food, casola, was also very simple and delicious.
I tried fried rice because it was a little unusual, but it was just like a cheese ball, so I left it.
Don’t be greedy, too.
Be sure to visit your beloved family or sweet heart

반포 밤도깨비4

∙ SuumI Hanshand

반포 밤도깨비6

– Oh woo


-Spring scent







-Jeon Ye im

반포 밤도깨비3

-Kim Gyeong Bin


This is Event Zone.
This day was the day when Kim Kyung-bin performed.

I ate a delicious meal and saw the performance. It looked like a fancy restaurant.
I enjoyed listening to the guitar playing as I turned the maid zone.

반포 밤도깨비16

This is the famous Banpo Bridge Moonlight Rainbow Fountain show.
How is it?  It’s so pretty, isn’t it?
But there isn’t always a rainbow fountain show.


Be sure to confirm the operation time.반포 밤도깨비11

The night view of Sevit Island is so beautiful and wonderful, right?

반포 밤도깨비9

The important thing is in Banpo @ Romantic Moonlight Market.
If you cross the street, you will see Sevit Island.

세빛섬 실내사진

Enjoy the night view outside and enjoy the game with family and lover inside.

It has been Banpo @ romantic moonlight market.
Enjoy the night market of the night wonderland, romantic night view and fountain show of Han River, and even Sevit island.
You should visit Banpo @ the romantic moonlight market.

The opening time of the night market has changed since June.

서울 밤도깨비야시장 6월 변경시간

Be sure to check before you go.

To visit :

Address : Banpo River Park, 40, Seocho-ro 11-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Bus : Banpo Han River Park.
Main Line : 405, 740

Subway : Exit 8-1-2 of Express Bus Terminal Station (Line 3, 7 and 9)
Exit 1 of New Banpo Station, line 9
Exit 1 and 2 of Dong Station (Walk for more than 10 minutes)

* When using Jamsil on Olympic Road :
Go back to Gimpo Airport at the southern end of Hannam Bridge.
Enter Olympic Road and enter the 500 meters (upper parking lot).
Enter the 150 m point through Banpo Bridge (lower parking lot)

* When using the Olympic airport heading :
Enter the area 500 meters past Hannam Bridge (upper parking lot),
Enter the 150 m point through Banpo Bridge (lower parking lot)

The parking space is very small, so please use public transportation whenever possible.

반포 밤도깨비2,오시는길

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