[The IT Place place to visit in Seocho!] Namseong Sagye Market


Today, we visited Namseong Sagye Markett in a traditional market in Seoul.

The Namseong Sagye Market means that Sadang-dong was a market located in the southern part of Bangbae-dong, and the name ” male village ” means a village south of the castle. Before 1965, the village became larger and a market was created in the male village where only the native people lived in the area. In the late 1980s, the market was torn down by redevelopment in Bangbae, and as merchants moved to an alley under the old market, the current male market was located in the current location of more than 15,000 men on average.


The Namseong Sagye Market is divided into spring road, summer road, autumn road, and winter road. If you look at the information sheet, you’ll find it easy to look around.

Spring Road is the beginning of the men’s season just as the beginning of the season is spring, and the main items of sale are manufactured goods, coma, jewelry, pharmacies, and restaurants.


This is a oyster we met on the spring road.


They were selling various kinds of dumplings.


– Wholesale and retail stores with a 30-year history –


We were so glad and impressed that there is still such a friendly place in downtown Seoul.


The men’s season market goes straight from spring to summer and into fall. Because the summer road is in a remote alley. Autumn road is where bakery, fish cake and other simple food styles attract customers. Not only adults but also children like it.


You know, sparrows can’t just cross the mill? I enjoyed collaboratiing with a bowl of rice cake and a bucket of sundae. Isn’t visual really beautiful? The taste was soft and really sweet. If you like tteokbokki because it has a good texture, this is the place to recommend!


The winter road is Matsu Alley. As written in the words ” Gamjatang and Seolleongtong “, the restaurant street welcomes me with a more spicy taste.


An illustration showing merchants

Even today, when there are many large stores, there are many markets that people visit for a reason.

The men’s market is a traditional market that sells fresh and good products throughout the four seasons and it is a place in Seocho.


The Namseong Sagye Markett controls vehicles entering the market from 1 to 5 every day for greater enjoyment.


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