[The IT Place place to visit in Seocho!] The Seocho Flea Market from March to November


This is the Seocho Tourist Information Center.


제목 없음.jpg


The place I am going to introduce you to today is the Seocho Saturday Flea Marke


제목 없음.jpg

There are so many people.

Visiting by region

Seocho Saturday Flea Market


Operating Period – March to November

Operating Hours – Every Saturday from 10:30 to 14:30


The operating location is different every week !!


I went to there third week of June.


June 16, Bangbae-dong Road


제목 없음.jpg


Exit 13 of Sadang Station

Long to Bangbae Police Station

There is a flea market in Seocho Saturday.


제목 없음.jpg


Chess games, bowls, hats


Sunglasses, watch



swimming suit


Sneakers, shoes, hats





Clothes, hair accessories









I see why so many people are gathered.



Among all kinds of things



You can get what you need.






I don’t know how time is going.


제목 없음.jpg





Children’s books



A child hat,key chain



Home appliances (mixer, massage machine, etc.)


제목 없음.jpg


Underwear (new product) )






Hair pins, hair straps, hair accessories



A half box






Flower plants

Necklaces, bracelets, accessories






Cell phone case




There are many things.


제목 없음.jpg

A person who serves side dishes


제목 없음.jpg

Tiger rice cake , the man who sells fish cake.



Even, Seocho-dong MakgeollI



Some restaurants even taste ” Seocho-dong MakgeollI. ”


제목 없음.jpg


It’s good to get what you need for cheap price~


제목 없음.jpg

The seller sells unnecessary items.



It’s good to earn pocket money. ~



From March to November

Every Saturday



☆ Seocho Flea Market

Come visit me. ~



Before visiting,

Visit the homepage of Saturday Flea Market in Seocho

Be sure to check the notice.














Occasionally, some of your visitors

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