[The IT Place place to visit in Seocho!] Between art and life, Bangbae !!!


I think of going away when I travel.

However, for modern people who can hardly find time to travel, it is a new trend in tourism.

Among them, an alley tour around a particular street offers new pleasure.

The Seocho Tourist Information Center will recommend ” Bangbae Road ” to you today.~

Now ~ Let’s go on a summer trip to Bangbae-dong with me today!



Bangbae Road Atjido

The road between Bangbae and Bangbae began to be known in the world by 10 artists who wanted to make it into a street of culture and art.

A hand-to-hand, hand-drafted map of the path expresses the ideal spirit of this street.



Sarah Walks & Bangbae Farms



” Serawalk, ” a ceramic hand paint workshop.

Is it really good to make my own pottery for a souvenir or a return?

Actually, many couples come here.



Dahah ~

This is a work I drew for two hours. Lol

Pretty, right?


The cup I was waiting for finally came out.~

I think the cup which has withstood the high temperature is prettier.~

This cup is only one in the world lol



I made my own cup and ate delicious ice cream.

I feel so good ~



In Seraworks, not only the pottery classes,

We also have a theme birthday party.



Passing by

The poop cookie is in my eye ~



Name of cookie is super fun



You can sell your own cookie


There’s a place where you can make your own.~

It also has one day class so you can experience it without any burden.



We also have packaging and decoration.



” Gontet ”

With custom-making jewelry shops and

” Suemade, ” which serves as a workshop for needle sculptors,

Handmade accessory shop with environmentally friendly sewing stories



A water lover

Experience without burden

Isn’t it great to make it yourself and present it to someone you care about?



A la Main ‘

Leather craft workshop




Make your own leather bags, wallets, etc. to suit my style ~



There’s a workshop inside.



A space as warm as freshly baked toast

There is also a gallery toast.



입력 텍스트 삭제
‘ Where you draw ‘



This is a writer’s workshop and classroom.~

There is one day class, so I drew a picture.

You can also own your own work.



‘ Park Soo Raping and Coffee keopi

This is the studio and cafe of Park Soo-yi, who majored in lacquer.


The gallery behind the hall introduces a wide range of lacquer artists.

It is designed to show and buy lacquer.



Handmade Accessory Shop



Where I can make my only in the world!

A place where I can give my precious people my own special gift!

Enjoy your precious company’s special memories and dates !!!

I highly recommend you guys who like cute things and like handmanders !!!

It has been the Seocho Tourist Information Center.~

Make sure you travel between Bangbae and Bangbae.~

Travel Information
Location : 42nd Street, Bangbae-ro, Seocho District, Seoul
How to Find : Located near Hamjibak intersection or Seorae Elementary School in Bangbae-dong
Subway : Get on the village buses 13 and 14 and get off the Hamjibak intersection at the exit 2 of Iku Station (Line 4).
Bus : 142, 148, 406 (Seorae Elementary School)
Homepage and telephone number
Sarah Work:02-796-4498
Water maid : 02-534-8987
Kkongtteu : naver.com/etcho215
Luming: co.kr
Egit Cullus : 8colors.co.kr
Mareu mello : marmelo.kr
Oganique : organiquebangbae.com
Nae changi : naver.com/ktableware
I’m Design : com
Aureu m : theaureum.co.kr
A Factory : naver.com/wstar21c
Mina Attlier : 02-595-2455
Lisa and Jamie Attlier : com / lisanjamie.atelier
Gallery Toast : gallerytoast.com
Kelly Gallery & Restaurant : 02-533-5803
Lari: lalee.com
Revelation : 02-532-6410

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