[The IT Place place to visit in Seocho!] Th e Electric museum

Today, I would like to introduce you to a museum that is easy to visit in Seoul. It is KEPCO Art Center Electric Museum located near Yangjae Station in Seocho District, Seoul.


Address : 1355, Seocho District, Seoul (60 KEPCO Art Center, Hyoryeong-ro 72-gil, Seocho District)

Operating Hours : 10:00 to 17:00

Call 02-2105-8190 for more information.

Closed : Every Monday, the Lunar New Year holidays

Admission : Free.

As you enter the Electric History Hall, on the right you will see a diagram of the history of electrical energy. The major inventions of each era were placed directly under the chart, so I could see the science theory and inventions better and better understand. The Electric History Museum helps understanding by placing electrical inventions everywhere.


From the Korea Electric Power Corporation of 1898 to the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), the Korean power industry was divided into four periods and presented in a circular format.

Six major inventions from around the world have been selected and placed among the Electric History Museum. That’s six inventions you see below.


  1. Edison effect : the Edison effect is the release of electrons from a metal or semiconductor surface that has been heated at a high temperature.
    2Morse Telegram
    3The original phonograph, tinshow
    4Siemens ‘ metric generator
    5Bell’s telephone
    6Tesla’s induction motor


From the lamp used before the electric light, the early electric lighting fixtures, and the glorious nuclear power plant.
You can see the evolution of lighting equipment in Korea from modern lighting to modern lighting.



There is also the work and traces of the great inventor Edson.KakaoTalk_Moim_4TmTrwPuFhmX6W8RpVvGcNXiOC6itA

It presents the birth and energy development of electricity in chronological form, and introduces the achievements and inventions of major scientists related to electricity and energy, as well as Korea’s early electricity generation facilities and the first public transportation, the tram.KakaoTalk_Moim_4TmTrwPuFhmX6W8RpVvGcNXiOC14xc

Special images (Magic Vision), which show various kinds of electric living equipment related to electricity supply in the 1940s and 1960s, and which show the importance of electricity savings and value of electricity, and the power generation of Korea Electric Power


You can also experience electro-mediation meter corners.


So, if you turn it so hard, the light bulb comes on and the motor turns, so it’s a lot of fun.



The museum consists of a modern history museum located on the third floor and an electric energy experience center on the second floor.




It was a free museum for children’s education. It was convenient to visit by subway.

It was a great place to visit when I was looking around the gallery on the first floor. It was a great time to appreciate electricity.

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