August 2018 Seocho Festival, Events and Exhibitions

Exhibition of Shinkai Makoto


[Exhibition introduction]

This exhibition is an exhibition commemorating the 15th anniversary of Makoto Shinkai’s debut. It is a very special exhibition starting from Shizuoka in Japan and going on a world tour including Nagano, Tokyo, Hokkaido, Osaka, Kyushu, Taipei and Shanghai. His debut film “The Voice of the Stars”, which debuted as a work of his own, was the first feature film to challenge the co-production. It was screened only in a single theater, on the other side of the cloud, which won an animated film award at the Mainichi Film Competition. , A 5-centimeter-per-second (5 centimeters per second) perception, a child chasing the stars who challenged the real main-fantasy fantasy, a garden of language called the video literature of the digital age, The name is.> You can see the work world covering all the works by Makoto Shinkai.

Date 2018.07.13(FRI) ~ 2018.09.26(WED)
Time 11:00-20:00 (Admission ~7PM) ※ Closed on JUL 30(MON), AUG 27(MON), SEP 24(MON)
Venue Hangaram Art Museum
Age restriction For All Ages
Genre Exhibition
Price Adult(19 full years~) 15,000won / Youth(13~18 full years) 12,000won / Child(3-12 full years) 9,000won
Management Weissby of Company.
Inquiry 02-2261-1393


Kim Saejong Minhwa Collection : Fantasia Joseon


[Exhibition introduction]

This exhibition of minhwa, or folk paintings, created by many anonymous artists during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Seoul Arts Center. In particular, there will be many examples of munjado, paintings of Chinese letters that contain symbolic images related to the characters.

Date 2018.07.18(WED) ~ 2018.08.26(SUN)
Time 11:00-20:00 (Admission ~7PM) ※ Closed on JUL 30(MON)
Venue Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum
Age restriction For All Ages
Genre Exhibition
Price Adult(19 full years~) 8,000won / Youth(13~18 full years) 5,000won / Child(7~12 full years) 3,000won
Inquiry 02-580-1300
Supporter/Sponsor Sponsorship: JB Financial Group, Gwangju Bank, Seopa Culture Center / Cooperation: Gallery Hyundai, PJ Factory

40th Anniversary Exhibition,

Original Song Korean Calligraphy Award.


* Exhibition contents

– Works of past winners
  Original Song Korean Calligraphy Award (1회~26회) ·Original Song Korean Calligraphy Culture Award (27회~40회)·Original Song Korean Calligraphy Study Award[included in thesis](1회~9회)
– Original Song Works of Kim Ki-seung

Won-gok Kim is the gigantic leader who has led the Korean calligraphy industry. He has created not only a monogram, but also a Korean-style monogram that surpasses the Chinese character, a guide to researching Korean calligraphers, And has been widely respected as an artist who has promoted the status of Korean calligraphy as well as the excellence of Korean and Korean culture to the world.

The Wonok Culture Foundation’s annual Wonkok Calligraphy Prize is the most representative figure of the Korean western part, which inherited and developed the “Wonok Seo” project, which was originally established in 1978 by Kim Ki-seong.

The Wonok Cultural Foundation was established in August, 2000, when Kim Ki-seung, who was the original teacher, deceased Won-gok’s calligraphy arts and calligraphy arts. The Wonok Cultural Foundation developed ‘Wonok Song Calligraphy Prize’ as the ‘Wonok Calligraphy Culture Prize’ from the 27th awards ceremony in 2005, and included it as a new calligrapher and Jungjin Calligraphy Prize winner in India.

Since then, the Wonok Cultural Foundation has been awarding the ‘Wonok Calligraphy Academy Award’ from the year 2010 with the 100th anniversary of the birth of Wonok ‘s teacher and the 10th anniversary of the death. This is a prize for the purpose of studying calligraphy scholarship in honor of not only the calligrapher but also the Korean calligrapher and the academic development of Korean calligraphy.

Date 2018.08.06(Mon) ~ 2018.08.19(Sun)
Venue Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum (3 th Floor)
Age restriction For All Ages
Genre Exhibition
Price Free
Supporter/Sponsor Arts Center, Original Song Cultural Foundation
Inquiry 02-5738-326


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