August 2018 Seoul Festivals, Events and Exhibitions

73rd Anniversary Concert for the Liberation of Korea


Period. 2018.08.15 ~ 2018.08.15
Location. 110, Sejong University, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Place.  Seoul plaza
Tel. 120


  • Organized by Seoul Metropolitan Government / Seoul Metropolitan Philharmonic Orchestra Tel. Dasan call center 120
  • It is a cultural concert that represents Seoul and is a concert that allows citizens to enjoy a high-quality culture through top-level cast and program.
  • Event Details Special Performance at the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra Outgoing –
  • Conductor: Sung Si-yeon                                                                                                            – Concert: Foresutella (crossover male quartet), JoJinJoo (violinist)
  • Program – Choi Sung-hwan Arirang Fantasy                                                                          – Forres Stella Cast: My Eden / L’Immensita / Dell’Amore Non Si Sa / In Un’Altra Vita    – Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto No. 1 (Concert: Cho Jin-joo)                                                –  Dvorak New World symphony 2, 4 movement 30 minute pre-concert talk (progress: Song Joo Ho music columnist) Information provider



2018 Changdeok Palace Moonlingt Travel.


Period. 2018.08.23 ~ 2018.10.28
Location. Yulgok-ro 99, Wolyong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Place. Around Changdeok Palace
Tell. 02-2270-1243

  • Organized Cultural Properties Administration, Foundation for Cultural Heritage
  • Tel. 02-2270-1243
  • Introduction. In the Changdeok Palace, the <2018 Changdeok Palace Moonlight Travel> event will be held from April to October 2018. Changdeok Palace Moonlight travel is an event where you can experience special experience in the palace at special time as part of creating a living palace. It takes about 2 hours to get to the Donhwamun gate at Changdeokgung Palace at 8 pm and return to the patronage and the donation. Changdeok Palace was built by Lee Taejong and called together with Changgyeong Palace. After the Japanese invasion of Korea, the Gwanghaegun army replaced the burnt Gyeongbokgung palace as a court, and Changdeokgung became the main stage of the Joseon Dynasty. It is true that the story of the Joseon Dynasty was brought to bear with the happiness of the royal family. Silk Changdeokgung is not only the historical value but also the artistic value of architecture and landscaping in the background of natural scenery, and is considered as the essence of Korean traditional architecture and landscaping. The Changdeokgung Palace, which distinguished the characteristics of our culture that respects the harmony of nature and humanity by respecting the nature of nature, was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 and became a common heritage of humanity loved by the world.





Period. 2018.08.30 ~ 2018.08.30                                                                                                      Location. Olympic Road 300 Songpa-gu, Seoul (Shincheon-dong)
Place. LOTTE Concert Hall
Tel. 1588-1210


  • Organized by the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Tel. 1588-1210
  • Introduction: Michael Doherty’s work on UFOs features percussionists (percussionists) as heroes. This is just as interesting as the material of the UFO, and among the instruments that make up the orchestra, the percussion instrument is an unidentified, infinitely varied unknown. On the other hand, the symphonic poem of Richard Strauss, whose typical heroism of romanticism is on the front, gives us a glimpse into the world, and the human being, who lives in it.
  • Event Contents: Regular performance at the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Story : Richard Strauss liked to blow his own trumpets…and his horns, trombones and tubas. So when he used a colossal orchestra to tell the story of an imaginary hero, complete with enemies, battles and an unashamedly sensuous love scene, it’s not hard to work out who he actually had in mind! But Ein Heldenleben isn’t just a fabulously over-the-top musical self-portrait; it’s one of the all-time great orchestral showpieces. And Colin Currie is one of the all-time great percussion soloists: so there’s no-one better equipped to give the first performance in Asia of Michael Daugherty’s flamboyant, alien-inspired concerto UFO. Join Marc Albrecht and the Seoul Philharmonic for a close encounter with genius.

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