[Recommended place to visit in Seocho] Picheondeuk Trail



A trail named after the author was constructed along the stream of Banpo in Seocho District.

The happy kid in Seocho can’t just pass by here, right?

Picheondeuk taught English poems at Seoul National University until 1974, and his literature shone through essays rather than through poetry. His essay is considered as a representative writer of everyday life, expressing and lyrical meditation, like lyric poetry. Mr. Picheondeuk lived in the Guvanpo apartment in Seocho for 34 years from 1974, when the apartment complex was under development, until his death in May 2007.


If you go straight for about 2 minutes from Exit 5 of Seocho Express Terminal,


We will come out on Picheondeux.

The Picheondeuk Trail features a statue of Picheonduk, a teacher donated by the Picheondeuk Memorial Association and a book sculpture that specializes in this moment and the essay ” fate. “


For your information, bicycles are not allowed in here, so stop or walk around





You can watch the sculptures related to this kind of city.

Now, why don’t we take a walk with us?


You can watch the sculptures related to this kind of city.

Now, why don’t we take a walk with us?


Couples have a little chat and a bench under the shade of a tree. It’s literally a point on the Picheondeuk Trail!



And as we go on, we see Banpo Stream. Isn’t the scenery beautiful once? Doesn’t the word ART just come into your head gently?


There’s also a sun-pooled forebrain that keeps you out of the sun for a while.


Right here, after the walk, we can use our friends, Darangi.

If you go a little further, I recommend you to go there since it will be connected to the huming-way road I introduced you last time! Let’s enjoy walking and even reading the essays of Mr. Pichundeuk!

If the seasoning of culture is mixed with everyday life, I think it’s a combination of fantasy.



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