Healing Place in the City – Yangjae Fireworks Market

a healing place in the middle of summer

I went to Yangjae Gong AT Fire court. ^^

Business hours of the Yangjae Flower Market

제목 없음



The places I’ve seen today are a large, middle-of-the-road store and a powder room in Ghana.

The first place I visited was a mid-sale store and a flower shop.

The “Samhwa Market” is a place that literally sells cut flowers.

Wholesale biotech market (month-to-day operation, Sunday closed)
Floor 1: AM 00:00 to PM 01:00
Floor 2: AM 10:00 to PM 03:00

Let’s look at pretty flowers first.


I always feel it, but flowers make me feel good. ^^


I’ve prepared some tips for first time visitors to the biochemical wholesale market. ~

1. If you want a gift or a fresh flower you want to have for a long time, visit early in the morning.

I usually visit around 11 a.m.
There are still fresh flowers, but there are still a few withered flowers. They are open until 1:00 p.m.
Because he is a wholesaler, he deals with customers who buy large quantities, so he goes to the peak of the morning.
We often experience situations where the average person who visits for retail does not look.LOL

2. The prices vary depending on the store.

There is a difference of more than 5,000 won when you buy the same flower.~
You have to ask prices in many places and sell them like traditional markets so you can buy pretty flowers at reasonable prices.


3. Plan in your head what flowers you will buy.

When I visit for the first time, there are so many pretty flowers that I want to buy this and that too.
That often exceeds the budget that we’ve been planning to buy a bunch of flowers in whatever color we’re planning to buy, so you can spend them reasonably.


4. Take a big bag.

For the freshness of flowers, they are usually soaked in water or sprayed with water.
He covers the newspaper after purchasing, but carries a bundle.You can get wet.

Take a large bag or an auxiliary bag so that you don’t get wet and your arms hurt:-)


5. Payment can only be made in cash.

It’s a wholesale market. You can pay cash only.
If you ask me to give you a temporary receipt, please hang it up. Please take cash in advance or use the ATM near you!




The second place I visited was Nodong, which was a flower shop.~

The restaurant sells oriental eggs, western eggs, cactus, and herbs.
It’s sold in pots, not in coins.
Diversified Greenhouse Market (day-to-day operations, Sunday-only operations)
AM 07:00 to PM 07:00

Is it built in a house like this and warm like a rain forest? It was hot.

Also, business hours are from 7 p.m.
In each store, the boss comes to work late and stays closed until seven.
If you’re only targeting this place, I recommend that you leave at around 8:00. lol


If you don’t want a withering flower, it’s okay to grow flowers with potted plants.


The greenhouse was quiet because of the heat.It was nice to look around more slowly because it was quiet.


The greenhouse was a little more colorful, and the nachong was like a deep jungle.



It’s got bigger bonsai bonsai. I really felt like walking in the jungle.Hey.

It’s a good idea to buy them cheaply in the fern market next to the biochemical market, and then pick them and plant them as you like.

Why don’t you change your mood, do healing, keep the house in good mood, and give yourself a flower today?

Lastly, I will tell you how to get to the Yangjae flower market.

public transportation
Exit 7 of Yangjae Station (Seongnam-myeon) of Subway Line 3
Get off at the Forest of Yangjae City Station and exit No. 4

In front of (left turn) → Maeheon-ro → Yangjae-dong Flower Market

→ Yangjae-dong Flower Market in front of Yangjae-dong, Gangnam-daero

an expressway section
Yangjae IC (Gwacheon-myeon) → In front of Daishin Oil Station (Right Turn) → Maeheon-ro → Yangjae-dong Flower Market

Yangjae-daero → Namdaemun, Yangjae-dong Flower Market (Open Time/ 01:00-20:00)
Yangjae-daero → Gangnam-daero → Yangjae-dong Flower Market / U-Turn → Yangjae-dong Flower Market in front of Yeongdong 1-gyo Bridge
Yangjae-dong Flower Market

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