September 2018 Seocho Festival, Events and Exhibitions

2018 Seoye Sentai Writers’ Exhibition


Period 2018.08.30 (Three) to 2018.09.05 (Number)
Places Seoul Museum of calligraphy Modern Exhibition Hall 1 (second floor), Modern Exhibition Room 2 (second floor), Modern Exhibition Room 3 (second floor), and Experimental Exhibition Hall (second floor)
Entire view of the exhibition class
genre display
free of charge
Korean Art Association
For more information, call 02-580-1300.

This exhibition is free.

[View time]
11am – 8pm

– August 30th at 3 p.m.
* Admission to the general audience is allowed.

[Introduction to Exhibition]
* Exhibits: 464 pieces of Korean, Chinese, and Chinese characters will be displayed.

It will show a world of high quality calligraphy as it is an exhibition of artists who have been recognized as a great writer by the Korea Art Association after appearing in the calligraphy section of the Korean Art Exhibition for many years.
The exhibition will be divided into the Hangeul, the Korean writing and the Korean writing sections, and will be a valuable place for individual writers to explore their respective directions, and audiences will be able to see the diverse works of many artists.

This exhibition is free.

15th Korea, China, and Japan Writing  Competion


Period 2018.09.07 (Friday) to 2018.09.16 (days)
Venue Seoul Ceramic Museum Lab on 2F
Entire view of the exhibition class
genre display
free of charge
Oriental Literary Association
Korea Orientation and Training Committee
For more information, call 02-923-4260.
Seoul Metropolitan Government
[View time]
11am – 8pm
※ This exhibition is divided into 1 and 2 parts.

Part 1 Display Period – September 7 – September 11
Part 2 Display Period – September 12 – September 16

[Invitation Event]
* September 16th (Dec. 2nd) Seoul Arts Center Research Center
※ Admission to the public is allowed.
– 2 p.m. (Welcome to Korea, China, Japan)
– 3 p.m. (Water Writer Award)
Chung Hye-jung
Hyun Woon-ja
Seoul Mayor Award Winner
Excellent Prize Winner
a prize for a five-body prize

* List of historic winners
– Assembly Speaker’s Award
Ji Young-ho (11 times), Yeom Young-seok (12 times), Lee Soo-jung (13 times), Lee Sung-sun (14 times), and Jung Hye-jung (15 times)
– Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister Prize
Kwon Hee-kyung (12 times), Kim Sang-chul (13 times), Yoo Young-bae (14) and Hyun Woon-ja (15 times)
– Mayor of Seoul
Misperceptions (6 times), Jung Young-chae (7 times), Lim Moon-soo (8 times), Lim Young-gyu (9 times), Lee Soo-jung (10 times), Yeom Young-seok (11 times),
Noh Kyung Hee (12 times), Park Young-soon (13 times), Bar hair (14 times), and Lee Yeon-hee (15 times)

[Introduction to Exhibition]
Part I
Part 2 Korea Oriental calligraphy exhibition

* Number of works
150 Writers of Korea, China and Japan
150 points for the winner of the contest (the award of the National Assembly, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Seoul Special Market Award, the Five Awards, the Triple Prize, the Special Line)




Period: 2018.07.21 (to) to 2018.10.21 (days)
11:00-20:00 (Closed to close at 7 p.m.) ※ Closed on 7/30 (months), 8/27 (months), and 9/24 (months)
Hangaram Design Museum
Entire view of the exhibition class
genre display
Price 12,000 won for adults (over 19 years of age) / 9,000 won for teenagers, children, and infants (24 months to 18 years of age)
It is hosting art center, My Art, ANP Entertainment
For more information, call 02-3143-4360.
[Introduction to Exhibition]
– Planning intent
A world-renowned illustrator of picture book history, and an artist who holds art workshops and exhibitions at the world’s best art museum, including the Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MMA) in London

– for display purposes
A large-scale exhibition of participation-oriented art works that people of all ages can relate to.

– Display content
Exhibition of the representative works of Erbe Schweet, who is active throughout the world, and special sections of each theme are organized by the author’s painting and picture book illustration won, collaboration with domestic authors, and educational works

[Introduction to Authors]

Erbe Schöré
Born in 1958, he studied sculpture and decorative arts and worked as an art director for 10 years from 1981 to 1992. Since 1990, he has been illustrating magazines from various countries including French magazines such as “Ell” Le Monde, “Lir” and “Angphan Margin.” Afterwards, she is working on illustration and conversation. He began painting children’s books in 1994 and is working as an on-site child educator, publishing books for infants and children applying new concepts of accessing art through various games. 2007 British Museum of Art in Tate Modern Art
Art Education Books has been published and Children’s Integrated Emotional Art Series Color was also published in France, the United States, England, Italy, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Norway, Sweden and Korea. She has won many awards including the Bologna Children’s Book Fair Nonfiction Award. Herbe Schle, who also works with her writing, is constantly inspired by her two sons and their young daughters.

The artist, who currently works in New York, recently held an art workshop at the Guggenheim Museum in New York in 2016, and displayed an exhibition of installation art at a gallery in Brooklyn in 2017. Beyond the illustrator, he is constantly communicating with readers as a fine artist and focusing his energy on combining education and play that is geared to the eye of children.

– Key history
2017 Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh Art before
< Un Livere(Press Here)> Cumulative sales volume exceeds 2 million copies
2016 Guggeinheim Workshop
New York Museum of Contemporary Art (MOMA) Drawing Collaboration Project Workshop
2014 MOMAT Workshop
A large drawing workshop with 1,000 children in Paris, France
2013 MOMA Workshop
Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo de Vinci
(Milano da Vinci Science Museum) Workshop
2011 Conducts a creative workshop at Tate Modern
2010 < Un Livere (Press Here/Book Play)> New York Times bestseller, Top 10 weeks in a row
2009 Jeu de > Series, Colorful
1998 <Pas Confondre> Bologna Children’s Book Fair Non-Fiction Award
1994 First Picture Book < Comment Papa a contactre Maman> Published
1991 Working with prominent French newspapers and magazines
Works with fashion brand Hermes catalog and design set

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