September 2018 Seoul Festivals, Events and Exhibitions

The Korea Insam Festival has been triumphed. Season 2 2018


Event period 2018.09.01 to 2018.09.02
105 Namsan Park-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Plaza in front of Palgakjeong Pavilion of Namsan Tower
Kite Rock Witch 070-4808-3640
Revise information on the way to the local tourism information website


Play history with you and me. 2018

Event period 2018.09.15 to 2018.09.15
Location 114 to 4.19 Gangbuk-gu, Seoul
114 to 4.19 Gangbuk-gu, Seoul

the host/mainstream/tel 02-901-6213
Super-large history board game
Visit to learn about various historical cultures in Gangbuk-gu
Let’s go on a history trip as a patriotic envoy for the martyrdom of the nation.
the content of the event
– Explanation of the Lang Lang Lang Lang Lang Lang Lang Syne’s Cemetery – Proving an Independent
– Adult: Choosing the Right Taegeukgi
– Juvenile: Historic Quiz [Beyond the Aplock River]
– Listen to poetry and fill in the gaps in the Mission Site.
– Paper cutting in time (shrinkles), creating knot bracelets
[Satam Rest – Defeat the Japanese Army]
– Adult: Tongajasu Games
– Youth: Water Gun Game

[Mannam Square – Deliver Independent Funds]
– Transfer activity funds to the headquarters of the independence movement


Street Art Market_Culture Beverage 2018


    • Event period 2018.08.31 to 2018.09.01
      Location 757 Gyeongin-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (Moonnae-dong 3ga)
      Mapo-gu, Seoul
      Kite rock wife 02-2636-4861

      Seoul Metropolitan Government/(S) Korea Street Art Association Tel 02-2636-4861
      The event street art market is a festival art market designed to introduce and promote the distribution of outstanding street art works in Korea. In addition to a performance program that provides access to representative street art works, there are participating art programs, workshops, and academic and networking programs for meeting artists and professionals. You are invited to share and communicate the flow and information of street art at home and abroad.
      The event will be held on August 31 (Friday) and September 1 (Toto) at the Seoul Cultural Heritage Foundation for two days. The street art market is a festival street art art market, providing a venue for street art creators and buyers to exchange and trade, while providing citizens with opportunities for cultural consumption that are primarily involved in street art experiences and artistic activities in parks.
      a show/exhibition programme
      – Street Art + Market Selection: A program for selecting the market for 2018
      – Street art + Focus : Planning program to explore various aspects of street art / cooperation on cultural infrastructure
      – Street Art + Exhibition: Mobile Exhibition showing the history and current address of street art in Korea / Cooperation with Seoul Street Art Creation Center
      – Street art + citizen participation: a street art program created with citizens
      – Market booths: public relations booths promoting street art groups and institutions. a meeting of experts and artists
      – Street art forum: a program comprised of academic discussions and issues related to street art.
      – FitchSession ‘Come to see me’ : a presentation that introduces performances and organizations
      – Market torque: Round Table Street Art Issue
      – Marketplace: Street artist stored in my mind, instant date with expert pinch
      Information provider
      Shin Hye Won, the manager of the street art market

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