October 2018 Seocho Festival, Events and Exhibitions


The 30th anniversary of the opening of the Seoul Arts Center (Artist’s studio memorial)


Period 2018.10.04(Thur) ~ 2018.10.08(Mon)
Location Hangaram Art Museum 1st Exhibition Hall
Viewing grade Full view
Genre Exhibition
Price Free
Hosting Seoul Arts Center
Inquiry 02-580-1300

[View time]
11 A.M. – 8 P.M.

[Introduction to Exhibition]

The exhibit features a gathering of artists who studied at the small gas studio at the Seoul Arts Center, where you can see the latest 26 artists released over the past decade. These artists are focusing on pure motivation, regardless of existing art associations and academic background. They are therefore not bound by fixed formal frameworks or accidents. What really matters is your imagination and ability. Furthermore, it is a need for expression deep inside.
Participating writers have a unique and individual world. This creative attitude can be a breath of fresh air into the art world. Artists with diverse backgrounds are appearing in the art world. This is also a remarkable phenomenon for the development of Korean art. Now the creation of art is more important than what it has studied before. In this regard, the work of the authors who participated in the project is drawing attention.
The world of their imagination reflects the various worlds of modern art. They are more interested in inner expression than in faithful representation of external targets. This is why the work that has been imbued with the writer’s personal experience and reason is largely responsible for this. You will be able to enjoy the diversity of contemporary art through more than 100 entries.

* Participant Writers
Kang Hee-soon, Kwon Min-jin, Kim Kyung-rye, Kim Moo-hyun, Kim Jung-hee, Kim Chun-hee, Park Young-sook, Bae Soo-kyung, Shim Soo-ok,
Yeonmunhee, Yoon Young, Yoon Jeong-rim, Lee Kyung-sook, Lee Young-sook, Lee Yoon-hee, Jang Yoon-jung, Jeong Deok-ja, Jung Sung-hee, Jung Jin-hyun,
Cho In-sook, Choi Kyung-mi, Choi Ahn-soon, Choi Yoon-sook, Ha Tae-sim, Hong Eun-kyung (Toral 26)


2018 KPAM Korean Art Festival


Period 2018.10.04(Thur) ~ 2018.10.08(Mond)
Location Hangaram Art Museum 3rd Exhibition Hall, 4th Exhibition Hall, 5th Exhibition Hall, 6th Exhibition Hall
Viewing grade a full view
Genre Exhibition
Price Free
Hosting Korean Association of Professional Artists
Subject 2018 KPAM a steering committee
Inquiry 02-732-9820


[View time]
11 a.m. – 8 p.m. (Close entry at 7 p.m.)

[Introduction to Exhibition]
“Mall,” which is pursued by the Korea Professional Artist Mall Festival (KPAM), an art festival of the Association of Korean Professional Artists in 2018, means “mall” in addition to the art market. It means “walking through the forest of art.” Therefore, the 15th event, which is held in the festival, is a form of exhibition that encompasses Art Fair and Art Festival, is a self-reliant combination of artists from all walks of life.
The 2018 KPAM Korea Art Festival (subject: “Life, Creation, and 熱情”) is an exhibition that offers a comprehensive view of the works of artists of senior, middle-aged, middle-aged, and promising.

– 48 Individual Buses Participant
– (C) 250 artists participating in the regular exhibition

[Production Count]
750 pieces including Korean paintings, oil paintings, watercolors and sculptures88

2018 Manif Seoul International Art Fair


Period 2018.10.11(목) ~ 2018.10.30(화)
Location Hangaram Art Museum 1st Exhibition Hall, 2nd Exhibition Hall, 3rd Exhibition Hall, 4th Exhibition Hall, 5th Exhibition Hall, 6th Exhibition Hall
Viewing grade Full view
Genre Exhibition
Price 8,000 won for adults (over 19 years of age) / 7,000 won for teens (age 13-18 years) / 6,000 won for children (age 7-12 years) / 48 months or more for preschoo
Hosting Manif Organizing Committee
Subject Manif Organizing Committee
Inquiry 02-514-9292

This exhibition is divided into periods.
– Part 1 Display period (October 11 to October 17)
* Available from 11:40 a.m. on October 11.
* Visible until October 17th (Water) 5 p.m. (4 p.m.)

– Part 2 exhibition period (October 18 to October 23)
* Available from 2 p.m. on Oct. 18
* Visible until October 23rd (Flower) 5 p.m. (Four Admission Closing at 4 p.m.)

– Part 3 exhibition period (Oct. 24 – October 30)
* Available on October 24th (Wed.) from 2:40 p.m.

[Onsite ticket office hours]
10:45 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
* Location: Hangaram Art Museum 1F

[Introduction to Exhibition]
The day to go to the showroom, Mr. Kim!

The Manif Seoul International Art Fair, where you can enjoy contemporary art both at home and abroad, is a three-part exhibition under the title of “The Day to Go to the Kim Gujang Exhibition.” It is an art festival where artists can enjoy diverse genres of artwork at reasonable prices participate directly in the field and communicate with visitors.

More than 3,000 works of 250 invited artists will be on sale.
the first exhibition of Korean writers, the veteran and the veteran The Modern Art Exhibition invited writers in their 50s and under to present new senses and trends such as diversity, experimentality, and creativity. The 2017 Manif Award Winner and other award-winning artists will be honored. It consists of a special exhibition of 1 million won, a representative Korean art writer.

The Participant Writer
Part 1: Manipes 121 / Part 2: Art Seoul 35 / Part 3: 94 of the Korean Competition

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